Everyday Foods Rich in Vitamin A

Foods rich in Vitamin A bring a lot of positive effects on our health. First of all, its benefits for the eyesight can not be undermined. In fact, Vitamin A is also called as Retinol, directly implying its benefits for the eyes’ retina. Hence, sufficient amount of this vitamin can help in preventing blurred vision and other deficiencies for the eyes. Sufficient amount of Vitamin A will avoid the need to wear glasses at a young age.

The benefits of this vitamin do not end there yet. It is also recognized to have anti-infective effects. It supports the immune system and helps the body avoid or fight off infections.

Aside from that, Vitamin A also plays an important role when it comes to providing skin protection. It also results to having clearer skin. Stronger bones, teeth and body tissues can be attained too if your diet has enough Vitamin A.Vitamin A Foods

Ensuring that you have ample amount of Vitamin A does not really take a lot of effort. There are numerous foods rich in Vitamin A that you can opt for. All you need to do is ensure that these foods are incorporated in your daily diet.

There may be supplements that could provide you this vitamin but nothing beats indulging in foods rich in Vitamin A. That way, you will be able to absorb it in its raw and most natural form. Here are some of the foods that you should eat:

Acai Berry- This is one of the most exceptional sources of Vitamin A. For people who have been diagnosed with deficiency, regular intake of this would help a lot because of the impressive amount of vitamin A in it.

Vegetables– Although a lot of vegetables contain this vitamin, there are some which stand out from the rest. This includes, parsley, spinach, lettuce, green turnip, cucumber and of course, carrots. Eating this raw is a better choice because when these are cooked, boiled or blanched, the heat destroys some of the vitamins that they contain. Aside from contributing in the health of our eyes, these vegetables also aid in cell growth.

Yellow and orange fruits– Fruits which have these colors like mango, cantaloupe and melons are also rich in Vitamin A. Aside from the benefits for eyesight, these also strengthens the immune system.

Dairy products– These are also foods rich in Vitamin A. Cheese, butter and eggs may be more popular as source of protein and calcium but the amount of Vitamin A in these foods are also impressive.

Animal liver– Whether it is beef, chicken or pork, this animal organ contains high amount of Vitamin A. The best way to prepare it is to fry it with onions and herbs or have it steamed. Among all animals, the turkey liver has the highest Vitamin A content.

All it takes is a little adjustment with our diet to be able to get sufficient amount of Vitamin A. With all the available foods rich in Vitamin A, having clearer vision and better health should not be too tasking.


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