This isn’t your ordinary boiled egg. Balut is a fertilized duck egg with an embryo inside that is almost developed. Yes, you read it right; a little chick is forming inside this egg. If you are thinking that this is just one type of experiment then I suggest that you finish reading this article so that you can snatch the whole idea. It might look weird and possibly could gross you out but you ought to know that Balut is edible.

Balut is considered a delicacy in most Southeast Asian countries, even in Hawaii. In the Philippines, Balut is considered an aphrodisiac and believed to have high protein content.

Although different names are given to this egg, in my opinion the term “Balut” is the most popular of all. I am not really sure as to where Balut originated but when someone talks about an edible fertilized duck egg, most people will immediately think of Balut. I am saying this because this egg was even made popular by different reality shows such as Fear Factor and The Amazing Race Asia 2. It was even featured in Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods when he did an episode in the Philippines.

At first, Balut is considered as a street food. It is sold by the “magbabalut” (Balut vendor) in almost every street corner of Metro Manila and some provinces as well. In residential areas where vendors are not prohibited, the magbaBalut usually wanders the streets at night carrying a big native basket containing the eggs and shouting Balut! Penoy! Balut! Nowadays, Balut are served as appetizers in restaurants and are packaged differently in food carts. One can now get Adobong Balut, Fried Balut, Spicy Balut, etc.

You might be getting the idea by now but aren’t you curious as to how Balut is made? I was curious too. This curiosity made me do some research which led me to this article on How to Make Balut.



  1. Robin Job says:

    Balut is awesome! Cant wait to eat it.when I travel in manila in December.

    • Hi Robin. I am sure that it is…I myself am craving for one right now. Enjoy your travel to the Philippines and try to take it easy on the balut. Have a great day!

  2. I will be in the Philippines for two months next year. I think Balut will be one of the things I will dare my best friend who will be there with me to eat. In fact, it will be funny for us both to try one!

    Can’t wait to be there!!

  3. Balut is the coolest Filipino street food I’ve ever tasted! It’s my all-time-fav since I was a kid. However, it’s just filled with calories… 😉

  4. jessie lindayan says:

    balut is my favorate appetizer tnx for panlasang pinoy

  5. Lts of filipinos love it, but unfortunately I’m not one of them…but seeing the the chick here, really freaked me out lol!!anyways nice website goodluck!

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