Singkamas at Bagoong

Singkamas and bagoong is one of the Filipino street foods that are peddled along with Mangga at Bagoong, Fish Balls, Squid Balls, and Chicken Balls. You might not get the big picture since not all vendors sell all these items in their cart – but our trusted vendor has them all. He is like a rolling street food store wherein you can purchase almost all the street foods that you are craving for; he sure knows his Marketing 101.

This street food is usually placed in a gigantic jar skewered and soaked in water. Since singkamas (jicama) has a very mild flavor, all you will taste is the delicious flavor of the bagoong. Don’t get me wrong, singkamas plays an important role here; it neutralizes the salinity and provides a crunchy texture which makes eating more enjoyable.

Have you tried Singkamas and Bagoong before? What do you like most about this?


  1. usley09 says:

    helo poh.. i like all!

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