How Will You Promote Filipino Cuisine?

Filipino Cuisine is awesome, as far as I am concerned. Do you feel the same way?

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Tastes

Even how good Filipino foods are, we are still facing a huge challenge of making Filipino Cuisine known throughout the world.

I am still asking why our food hasn’t reached the point of stardom, yet – up to this point. There are ongoing debates on why Filipino Foods are not in the menu of most celebrated restaurants (even those with Filipino Chefs). There were even articles that talk about this topic. I already stated my opinion through a reaction post last March.

I would like to revisit this topic and hear your opinion.

How will you promote Filipino Cuisine in your own way?


  1. canz says

    i’m half-austrian and spent my college years in the philippines, so i had the opportunity to taste a lot of delicious pinoy dishes! i’m back in austria and i sometimes i miss philippine cuisine a lot, so i cook it for my friends and my bf at least once a week. i swear, my pure austrian bf loves pinoy food and eats as much rice as the average pinoy! even he enjoys the experience of getting to know a different way of asian cooking. pinoys all around the world, share the wealth of pinoy cooking with people of other cultures! :-)

  2. Lito Famy says

    I think the solution to Filipino Food identity crisis is for the Philippine Government to choose the top ten most popular Filipino dishes and declare it to the world with the help of Dept. of Tourism.

  3. LK says

    I was on a cruise with Royal Caribbean in 2008 for X’mas. Lots of cruise staff are Filipinos, like our table waiter. He told us that guests can make special request, so I asked if the chef can prepare Pork Adobo. YES! Next evening, we got ourselves nice pork adobo for dinner!!!
    How cool can this be?

  4. rafael cornelio says

    im having an architectural thesis concerning this planning to design a Philippine culinary center composed of a culinary school, restaurant and an exhibit area where food expos will be held. the culinary center will teach filipino dishes to all interested people specially the foreigners. i thought of this because i want to make our dish well known. internationally there are italian,japanese,chinese food. i want to add filipino food in that list…

  5. Janet Octavio says

    I’m Filipino/Australian and of course I love our food but comparing it to other International dishes, our food is “Unhealthy”. Greasy, full of cholesterol, fattening and salty that you need to eat it with lots of rice.

    Yes, I still cook Filipino dish everyday but I do my own version to make it healthier and more presentable.

    I’ll be honest,if you compare it with Vietnamese and Thai dishes, our food is not in that category yet and that’s why we are struggling to introduce it to the world.

  6. says

    Well I grew up in the States and I know especially in NY where you would find a melting pot of cuisines, from the many immigrants including Filipino’s who came over to share now just there ideas, talents but also their flavors. I know that there a lot of Filipino restaurants in New York and NJ area I don’t know if it is still around there’s a restaurant named Manila Restaurant, but they serve nothing but good Filipino food. I live in Manila now but again I find our cuisine so unique with it somany different flavors coming from the other provinces and other countries that have influenced. I sometimes watch tlc and they had like Andrew Zimmerman the Bizarre Foods guy he came here to promote the Philippines and also our food and also Anthony Bourdain he did the same. Maybe someday the Philippines can have a cooking show devoted to Filipino food that way our cuisine can be promote. Until then I think what you are doing Vanjo is good enough you have let people aware.

  7. says

    I’m quite new with food blogging, but I am really enjoying it! I blog about our very own Filipino foods. And I get more excited everyday when I get the interest of non-filipinos who expresses their awesome interest too for our unique dishes, that’s why it’s important that you blog it in simple words wherein they would easily understand, like the local ingredients and words.Be thoughful enough to give some translations and much as possible blog in english language. It’s also important that we include pictures, for foreigners to easily recognize the dish and its ingredients, coz sometimes there are no english translations for certain items like kamias/camias ( funny- but i cant english term in wikipedia aside from its scientific name).

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