What are Your Top 10 Favorite Filipino Food?

We Filipinos are known for our positive values, hospitality, being hard-working, and our ability to face whatever challenges that life brings – with a smile in our face. On top of that, we are also known to have a great passion for food – to the point of considering eating as a hobby.

Of course, the last statement does not apply to all; although it covers the majority.

Top 10 Favorite Filipino Foods

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Let’s talk about food, our favorite Filipino Foods.

What are your comfort foods? What are the foods that you find irresistible?

By the way, we are also known for being shy and quiet. I think that I should start the conversation by posting my food list first as an ice breaker, then you’ll follow by sending-in your comments.

How does that sound? Alright, here it goes…

Here are 10 of the Best Filipino Food for me:

1. Pork Menudo

2. Pancit Molo

3. Pork Binagoongan

4. Maja Blanca

5. Inihaw na Liempo

6. Dinuguan at Puto

7. Leche Flan

8. Lechon Kawali

9. Beef Kaldereta

10. Lumpiang Sariwa

How about you? Can you list your top 10 favorites?


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  1. 1. Pancit – palabok, bihon, malabon,
    2. Caldereta – beef or kambing
    3. Lumpiang ubod, lumpiang sariwa or prito
    4. Lechon kawali
    5. Pakbet or bulanglang
    6. Daeng or tinapa na boneless bangus
    7. Sinigang – beef or pork or chicken
    8. Halo-halo or mais con yelo
    9. Halayang ube
    10. Buco pandan

    Plus all kinds of adobo… CPA (chicken/pork adobo) kangkong, pusit, atbp.
    Hay, naku… nakakagutom!!!

  2. Ruth Naylor says:

    I am only half Filipina and was raised in the states. I don’t speak Tagalog anymore and I’m not sure of the names of half of the things my mom’s friends used to cook. My mom just started blending her dishes with stuff that my dad grew up with (southern cooking). Here are the ones I know and love:

    1. Pancit bihon-I like it with longanisa, but usually prepare it with pork or chicken because that is what I have. I also like to squeeze calamansi over mine.

    2. Adobo (pork or chicken)

    3. Biko and Sumon

    4. Sinigang with beef

    5. Steamed fish

    6. Leche flan

    7. Siopao-I like it without the egg, though.

    8. Lumpia

    9. Afritada (chicken)

    10.Dinuguan-I like this over rice. I can’t eat a lot because it is so rich. I don’t get it too often, just when my mom’s friends have parties and have it there.

    These are my top ten that I can think of. For special occasions at my mom’s, we love a whole roasted pig. When I’m visiting my mom, she’ll bake a whole milkfish (bangus) and I love pan de sal! I don’t have a Filipino bakery where I live or an oriental market that caters to Filipinos (mostly Chinese and Vietnamese) so I make do with what I can find around here. She doesn’t cook as much anymore because it’s just my dad and her and he’s a truck driver. She’s usually with her friends and they usually have most of the Filipino food!

  3. danny says:

    1. diningding/ pakbet
    2. sinaing na tulingan
    3. papaitan
    4. adobong isaw
    5. kare kare
    6. ube halaya
    7. seaweed salad (latto)
    8. lechong kawali
    9. paksiw na bangus
    10. inihaw na isda (tarian/papakol/tilapya atbp.)

  4. 1. kare kare
    2. pancit malabon or palabok
    3. rellenong bangus/pusit
    4. inihaw na liempo/ bangus/ hito
    5. laing
    6. sisig
    7. lechon de leche
    8. daing
    9. dinuguan with puto
    10.lechon paksiw
    i also love adobo and all its versions, sinigang, nilaga and tinola, but these are food that I can cook here…. the list above are the food that I usually crave for when I’m home in the Philippines…..

  5. DIARA says:

    1. POCHERO
    3. BIKO
    5. ADOBO

  6. chupeps says:

    1. embotido
    2. lechong kawali
    3. menudo
    4.ginataang hipon/alimasag/alimango with kalabasa
    5. bopis
    6.adobong manok
    10. pancit guisado

  7. 1. Kare-kARE
    2. pORK aDOBO
    3.sinigang na baboy
    4.sinigang na hipon
    6.calderetang baka
    7.leche flan
    8. ginataan sitaw at kalabasa
    9 dinuguan
    10.adobong sitaw

  8. 1.Sinigang na baboy
    2.adobo pork or chicken
    4.fried chicken
    5.pinoy style spaghetti
    6.nilagang baboy
    7.dinuguang baboy
    8.lechon kawali/lechon paksiw
    9.bicol express
    10.binagoongang baboy

  9. 1.dinuguan
    2.la paz bachoy
    3.pigar-pigar(stir fried beef with white onions)
    4.linabog(stingray curry)
    5.rellenong bangus
    6.chicken pochero
    7.bicol express
    9.tuyo with sinamak

    • pigar-pigar is pangasinan cuisine,linabog,valenciana,lapaz bachoy and KBL(kadios is black beans)are from iloilo…

  10. GLORIA says:

    my top 10 favorite foods
    1. fried chicken (native chicken)
    2. fish kinilaw with inihaw na baboy
    3. pork humba
    4. pansit lauriat/bam-e
    5. calamares
    6. dinuguan
    7. ube jam
    8. fruit salad
    9. lechon paksiw
    10. tinolang manok (native chicken)

  11. My top 10 is just my 10 favorites, not the I like one more than the other. Love them all!

    1. Lechon
    2. Pork Adobo
    3. Dinuguan
    4. Pochero
    5. BBQ
    6. Humba
    7. Lumpia (sariwa/Shanghai)
    8. Sinigang
    9. Pancit Canton

    There are too many to mention!

  12. Gay Sauler says:

    10 most fav food:

    1. Chicken Adobo
    2. Inihaw na Bangus
    3. Sinampalukang Manok
    4. Kangkong Adobo
    5. Leche Flan
    6. Kare-kare
    7. Lawya
    8. Bihon Guisado
    9. Buko Pandan
    10. Ginataang Tilapia

  13. 1. Igado
    2. Litson Manok
    3. Adobo/Humba
    4. Inihaw na Liempo
    5. Pancit Malabon
    6. Tapsilog
    7. Menudo
    8. Caldereta
    9 Pork Estofado
    10. Leche Flan

  14. divine says:

    1. lechon paksiw
    2. kare-kare
    3. crispy pata
    4. lumpiang sariwa
    5. sisig
    6. chopsuey
    7. bihon guisado
    8. leche flan
    9. ube halaya
    10.tokwa’t baboy

  15. summersun says:

    my 10 fav pagkaing pinoy
    2.kilawing kambing
    3.mechadong baka
    4.tortang talong
    5.kmote Q
    6.leche flan
    7.lumpiang bangus,sariwa,shanghai
    10.ginataang mais,halo-halo,munggo

  16. 1. Pork Adobo
    2. Pinakbet
    3. Kambing Kilawen
    4. Tocino
    5. Sisig
    6. Grilled Bangus/Tilapia
    7. Sinigang na Baboy
    8. Laing
    9. Lechon
    10. Lechon Paksiw

  17. My top 10 pinoy food..
    1. Sinigang ( buto buto, hipon, bangus s miso, sinigang s bayabas)
    2. Paksiw na pata
    3. Sweet and sour tilapia
    4. Gotong batanggas
    5. Tapsilog( toci, longsi, chicksi, porksilog)
    6. Kare kare
    7. Kaldereta
    8. Bola bola with misua soup
    9. Inihaw

  18. My Top 10 Fav Pinoy Food:

    1. Alimasag/Shrimp cooked in Soda (Sprite) and Margarine
    2. Ulang-ulang (red crabs with graded young coconut wrap in banana leaves and cooked in coconut milk- Marinduque native dish)
    3. Toratang Dulong & Balisungsung (dulong seasoned with salt and little of pepper then boiled, upon serving drizzled with calamansi- Marinduque native dish)
    4. Relyenong Alimasag/Pusit/Bangus
    5. Inihaw n Bangus/Tulingan/Pusit
    6. Pork/ Chicken BBQ
    7. Sinigang n Salmon/ Bangus
    8. Letson
    9. Lumpiang Sariwa

  19. Grette says:

    1.pork sinigang
    2. Inihaw na liempo
    3. Pancit molo
    4. Kare kare
    5. Adobo
    6.pancit bihon
    7. Pancit luglug
    8.Bicol express

  20. 1. Laing
    2. Lumpiang Sariwa
    3. Ginisang Monggo
    4. Pinakbet
    5. Menudo
    6. Pork BBQ
    7. Pancit Canton
    8. Sinigang na Baboy
    9. Bopis
    10. Ginsang Ampalaya with egg

  21. Christine says:

    1. Lumpiang sariwa
    2. Lumpiang shianghai
    3. Crispy pata
    4. Pancit malabon or palabok or mix bihon & canton
    5. Chicken or pork or mix adobo
    6. Sinigang
    7. Pinakbet
    8. Crema de fruta
    9. Pork or Chicken BBQ
    10. Beef afritada

  22. Diana says:

    1. pork and chicken adobo
    2. beef in oyster sauce
    3. teriyaki chicken
    4. spring rolls
    5. chop suey

  23. delicious

  24. My Top Fav list of Filipino Food:

    1. Inihaw na liempo
    2. Tinola
    3. Calderetang baka/kambing
    4. Bicol express
    5. Kare-kare
    6. Chopsuey
    7. Lechon
    8. Sisig
    9. Sinigang na baboy sa bayabas
    10.Sinampalukang manok/palaka


  25. my top 10 filipino foods:
    1. kare kare
    2. dinuguan
    3. humba
    4. palabok
    5. pangat na tulingan
    6. ube halaya
    7. crispy pata
    8.kilawin tanigue
    9. papaitan
    10. chopsuey

  26. wiyna says:

    My Top 10 Filipino Foods :

    1. Chicken Adobo
    2. Leche Flan
    3. Green mangoes with bagoong
    4. Afritada Chicken
    5. Sinigang na baka
    6. Bicol Express
    7. Sapin-Sapin
    8. Paksiw na isda
    9. Kalderetang Baka
    10.Tinolang Manok


    • 1. Pinakbet
      2. Pansit Malabon
      3. Sinigang na Bangus
      4. Sinigang na Hipon
      5. Ginataang Alimango
      6. Inihaw na Bangus
      7. Halyang Ube
      8. Crispy Pata
      9. Pork and Chicken Adobo
      10. Adobong Kangkong

    • delicious dishes for all of us…simple and easy to cook food but original panlasang pinoy

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