Easy Crock-Pot Beef Stew for Those Who Can Wait

Easy Crock-Pot Beef Stew for Those Who Can Wait

The temperature here in Chicago dropped drastically over the past weeks. Snow turned into ice, while the wind continues to whistle its frigid tunes. They wouldn’t have called it the windy city for nothing.

While I’m lazily slouching at the couch watching my favorite Food Network shows (Iron Chef America good, but I find Chopped to be more entertaining), I thought of making some beef stew to make myself warm. I’m not sure if I have all the ingredients and I don’t plan to drive on ice. This is the time when online grocery shopping and delivery services such as Peapod come-in handy.

I needed some beef parts such as brisket or sirloin, some onions, tomatoes, a little dried thyme, and I also need to move my lazy bones. Good thing I still all of the needed ingredients in my inventory like a pound of beef brisket, a can of diced tomatoes, some onions, and dried thyme (except moving my lazy bones). I did not need to order groceries online at that point.

It was still early; I still have plenty of time before dinner. I decided to cook the beef stew using my Crock-pot (or slow cooker). I know that the beef will be extremely tender and all the taste of the ingredients will come-out if I push through with that option. I also knew that it will not require too much effort from me. You see, there are days wherein all you want to do is lie down and relax. You know what I mean.
I started by chopping the onions and slicing the beef brisket then I combined all the ingredients in my ever reliable Crock-pot. I then turned it on and set the time for 6 hours.

As the saying goes “good things happen to those who wait”. I enjoyed a very tender beef stew after the long wait. I hope that this saying does not only apply to slow cooked foods.

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  1. Made this on Saturday to serve on Sunday. My son was crazy about it. Had two big bowls full and took some home with him. Definitely a hit. I brought some to work with me for lunch today! Thanks!

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