How to Lose Weight by Eating More Food

The problem of most people who want to lose weight is the deep desire to lose weight fast. This often leads to unworkable diet goals that deprive themselves from the foods that they enjoy. With this kind of mentality, most people often go back to their usual habits in a matter of a few weeks – gaining more weight instead of losing it.

Weight Loss does not necessarily mean cutting-down on food completely to burn body fats. Did you know that the few pounds you lost from your “lose weight fast” program might be coming from your muscles? Muscles have a large impact when it comes to losing weight. If you are not aware about this, let me emphasize that your muscle is responsible in burning more than 50 percent of fat in your body.

The main key in losing weight is to eat more food. However, some of the foods that you need to eat might not be the usual food in your regular diet. I am talking about healthy foods that are high in fiber and low in fat.Lose Weight by Eating

You have several choices when it comes to the food that you need to eat. Foods that are low in fat, high in fiber and high in water content are the ones that you should be eating.

Eating foods that are low in fat usually have lower calorie content compared to fatty foods. If you do the math, a greasy double cheeseburger with bacon might contain more than 800 calories whereas a delicious grilled chicken sandwich can only have 250 calories. This means that even if you eat two servings of grilled chicken sandwich, the total calories that you gained is still lower than that of the double cheese burger. You ate more while still getting rid of additional calories. The number might not be that appealing, but it will be if you think of the long term.

Indulging in whole-grain foods is better. Whole-grain foods are high in fiber; they are healthier compared to the refined foods. White rice is a staple for Asians. I’m not saying that you should eliminate white rice totally. How about doing some substitution? You can eat white rice and brown rice alternately by having each every other day. If you think that you are enjoying brown rice, then you can make it a part of your regular diet.

Foods that have high water content such as watermelon, grapes, gelatin, and yogurt have lower calories. Eating more foods with high water content makes you feel full faster without adding too much calorie in your body.

Always remember that losing weight should always be a long term goal. Choosing the right kind of foods to eat can help you shed those extra pounds, even if you eat more. It all boils down to the calories that you are taking in your body.


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