The Truth About Philippine Mangoes

What is the first thing that comes in your mind when you hear the word “Mango”? If you will ask me that question, the first thing that I think of is the Philippines.

In my opinion, I can say, Without any doubt, that the best mangoes that the world has ever tasted came from the Philippines. I know people from other mango producing countries will question my statement. However, I am confident to say that there is no other mango out there that can beat Philippine mangoes in terms of sweetness, sourness, size, and weight. I tried almost all the imported mango varieties here in the US — including local mangoes. They all taste different from the original Philippine Mango. There are even varieties here that says “Manila Mangoes” in the sticker, but the taste does not say so.

There are many mango varieties in the Philippines. Champagne mango or Carabao mango is probably the most famous in terms of taste. This mango variety is the sweetest mango that I ever tasted. It is also the mango variety that the Philippines export to other countries.

There are different strains (breed) produced from Carabao mango — one of which is called Sweet Elena. If I am not mistaken, this breed originated somewhere in Zambales. Sweet Elena mango is the sweetest that I ever had. It is probably the sweetest mango in the world. There are also the well loved Cebu and Guimaras mangoes which are of world class quality.

Filipinos enjoy eating mango regardless if it is green or ripe. The Pico mango or Manggang Pico is best eaten regardless of its maturity. I enjoy eating green mangoes — especially if it is extra sour. Pico mango is my first choice whenever I want to eat Manggang Hilaw with Bagoong. Don’t get me wrong, green carabao mangoes are good too. It is just a matter of preference.

Did you know that the Philippines holds the record for the world’s biggest mango? A couple from Iligan City in Mindanao holds the record for producing the biggest mango in the world. It weights 3.5 kilos (7.7 lbs).

Those of you who are living in the Philippines (or have lived in the Philippines) might have had your own mango tree. We have both Carabao and Indian mangoes planted on our backyard in the Philippines. I remember setting fire every morning to the dry leaves that I gathered. The smoke makes mango trees bear more fruit.

Do you have some information or stories about Philippine Mango that you want to share? We love to hear from you.

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24 thoughts on “The Truth About Philippine Mangoes”

  1. Do you know also that the scientist who invented a spray to make mango bare fruits anytime of the year is in the Philippines. That is why Philippines don’t have a season for mango because its all year round.

  2. Im really craving for a Philippine mango…
    Green mango with bagoong, chili and vinegar.
    Went to Asian market for the past weeks but couldn’t find any.
    Im wondering where could i find one in Goldcoast or Brisbane.

  3. i never tried one from the Philippines but now i want to because i live in california and the house that i lived at when i was a child had a mango tree and i swear those mangoes were soooo delicious ive never in my life tasted a mango so sweet, the mangoes from thestores taste nothing like them and i been in search for a mango of similar taste plus i never seen anyone with a mango tree here in southern cali either so i have no idea where that tree came from now i hope that the ones from the philippines taste just like them and i get to find one soon

    1. The best mangoes are from the wet market and not the department store. Just a tip when you do passed by Philippines and want some mangoes

  4. now i understand why my wife wanted me to bring 2 kls of mangoes when we’re about to fly to calgary to get united again after 4 yrs of her being there…
    because its the best ive ever tasted.!

  5. did you know that the Blessed Pope John Paul II, the Great always asks for Philippine mangoes while he stayed here in the Philippines? and from then on, Philippine mangoes have been delivered into his home in Rome and is served to him as part of his diet.

  6. We just got back from the Philippines and the first thing I miss is eating ripe yellow mangoes after each meal :) In bohol, the mangoes are perfect! you can tell just by the smell that it’s going to be sweet. I’ve now taken the habit of smelling mangoes every time I’m in the supermarket and nothing comes close to that sweet smell of Philippine mango. btw, thanks for putting up this website..I love all your recipes!

  7. Hi Vanj!

    A lot of memories are conjured while I was reading your post. Particularly on the part where, like your family, we burn dry leaves in the afternoon. The smell of burnt dry leaves remind me of the Philippines and the memory of childhood brings such a distinct feeling. It makes you reflective and happy at the same time.

    Thanks for taking us down memory lane.

    And yeah, they can turn the world upside down or whatever but Philippine Mangoes is the sweetest.

  8. Sweet & sour mangoes here in the Philippines are really good & delicious. By the way a friend of mine suggested me to visit your website. I’m glad I’ve found you. You’re a big help for someone like me who loves cooking. Thank you :)

  9. I was searching for “homemade ketchup” and I was brought here.
    I like your blog. I miss Philippines because of this blog. Expect me as your regular visitor…

    best quote: expect a lot of ‘mango hairs’ stuck between your teeth….

  10. First, I want to Thank You Very Much for your cooking videos,& recipes, I had been a beneficiary of your generosity. I direct my friends to your website whenever they have a question about Filipino recipes. Going through your
    recipes is like taking a vacation in the Philippines.

    Yes, the mangoes, I will agree with you that Zambales mangoes are really sweet! In Iba, Zambales , a week ago they just celebrated “The Mango Festival
    for 4 days, with all the regular fiesta accompaniments for celebration.
    I am from Zambales, that is why I am proud of our product.
    Thanks for the confirmation.

    1. Hi, I wonder what is the weight of a carabao mango, the ones that are grown in Pangasinan. Anybody knows? I am told about a kilo each. Is this true?
      Thanks for responding.

  11. I’ve been living in Australia for over 3 years and I still take my hats off to how Philippine mangoes are still great tasting compared to others. Australian mangoes, coming from northern Queensland, are good as well but they are not that sweet and do lack the enticing aroma and texture of their Philippine counter parts. While in Brazil, I always argue with my hosts because they keep on insisting that Brazilian mangoes are the best but i keep on pointing out that their mangoes are sweet (awfully sweet) but lacks the nice balance sourness that just elevates the sweetness of our mangoes. Also, their mangoes are very fibrous. expect a lot of ‘mango hairs’ stuck between your teeth.

    1. Hi there Benito, do you have an idea where could i buy a Philippine mango here in Goldcoast or Brisbane? Been craving for it for few weeks now.


  12. hmm, yummm, now i’m drooling!! i really miss the philippine mango.. i keep looking for one, here in my state(we’re i am at) but i really can’t. i tried the manila mango (mexican mango i guess) but it is different. I really want some ripe and unripe philippine mango since last year with bagoong but too bad i can’t have it here, i guess i will just wait until i come back to phil.
    i like this blog.. i really agree with this.

  13. I definitely agree.

    Been living here in Germany for quite a number of years and the mangoes sold here are nothing compared to our native ones. If I’m not mistaken, the ones sold here are imported from South America. They just lack this special aroma and not so sweet.

  14. i couldnt agree more, filipino mangos are simply the best,
    too bad you cannot really export them to anywhere,
    i remember being a little kid and everytime my family and me would go to the phills,
    my mother would sneakily take kilos and kilos of those home to europe,
    they re THAT delish 😉

  15. hi.. I always go to your page whenever I feel like I wanna do some cooking.. and now, im searching for pork shoulder recipe and I bump into this article.. I just wanna say you’re right.. Philippines is the home of the Mangoes.. you know, different tastes, appearances, shapes.. im drooling! Anyways, thanks for making this BLOG:)

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