The Power of Vitamin K Foods

Vitamin K Foods

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Vitamin K can be considered as your weapon in improving your overall health. It is impressive how much positive effects Vitamin K foods can contribute to your body. That is why, the powers of this vitamins should not be underestimated.Vitamin K foods will enhance your blood’s ability to clot. This is important especially during injuries or even with smaller wounds. When the blood clots properly, a person would not have to bleed profusely and the wounds would also heal faster. Because of the ability of Vitamin K to improve clotting, this is given to patients who are about to undergo surgery.

You are probably thinking that since you do not have any injuries or you are not about to have a surgery, then this vitamin would not really help you much. That is not true. Lack of Vitamin K could cause frequent nose bleed, gum bleeding and excessive menstrual bleeding for women. So this vitamin is really important.

Cardiovascular Health

Vitamin K is also essential when it comes to maintaining a healthy heart and a normal blood circulation. When the arteries become hard, it would be too difficult for the heart to pump blood all over the body. When there is ample supply of Vitamin K, the hardening of arteries would be prevented.

Good Looking Skin

Because Vitamin K is excellent for ensuring proper blood circulation, this also results to improvement of the skin’s appearance. The discoloration which can be obtained from too much exposure to sunlight can be resolved by this vitamin. Aside from that, it also prevents spider veins which are often seen on the face, legs and other parts of the body. Do you know that this could be good for acne too? Since this vitamin has the ability to make wounds heal faster, pock marks and spots due to acne scars can be prevented too.

Better Calcium Absorption

Although improving the circulatory system is the primarily known advantage of Vitamin K foods, there are also a lot of other health benefits that we can gain. Vitamin K  has an important role in proper absorption of calcium by the bones.

The main reason why Vitamin K foods are important for bone health is because this is the key in the production of osteocalcin protein in the bones. This protein provides strength for the bones. Aside from that, Vitamin A also hinders the production of osteoclasts which is the culprit in bone breakdown.

Yes, it is important to supply sufficient amount of calcium for your bones. However, without the presence of Vitamin K, this would not be used up well by the bones. Hence, when it comes to preventing problems like osteoporosis and bone density loss, there should be sufficient Vitamin K in the body.

Vitamin K in Your Diet

There are numerous natural Vitamin K foods which you can count on to be able to get sufficient supply for your body. The green vegetables like broccoli, asparagus and spinach are excellent choices. You can also get this from animal liver and lean meat of beef, chicken and pork. Make sure that you incorporate foods that have good amount of this vitamin to ensure your overall health.

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