Regulate Your Blood Pressure by Eating Potassium Rich Foods

With the rising number of people who are affected by high blood pressure, people have to be more proactive when it comes to finding ways on how this could be avoided. For those who already have high blood pressure, there is a more serious urgency to find ways on how this could be controlled. Yes, there are a lot of meds that could be taken to help people with this health problem. However, instead of becoming a pill-popping and med-dependent person, it is crucial to learn the natural ways on how this could be alleviated. How exactly can that be done? Do not ignore the importance of potassium rich foods.

Potassium is the secret weapon which can put a leash on sky-rocketing blood pressure. This is an element that is a silvery white alkali metal in its raw form, based on the periodic table. This is needed by the body for efficient blood circulation. It has the ability to balance out the water electrolytes inside the body. When this is coupled with sodium, it is capable of transporting body fluids and electrolytes to all parts of the body.

Potassium Rich Foods

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How Potassium Revamps Your Health

Are you wondering how potassium rich foods could successfully aid in lowering blood pressure? Ever since 1928, researchers and physicians have closely studied the connection of potassium with high blood pressure. Today, amidst all the wonders in the medical field, the natural effects of foods with this vitamin remains significant.

It has been widely recognized that sodium is the primary perpetrator which triggers blood pressure to rise. What potassium does is that it enables the kidneys to filter out sodium more effectively. Hence, this significantly lowers the amount of sodium within the body. Because of that, rising blood pressure can be avoided.

To make things even better, potassium also avoids problems like heart attack and stroke. This vitamin can lower risks of such problems by as much as 38%. With enhanced performance of the heart and better blood circulation, cardiovascular problems are less likely to strike.

These days, the typical diet of most people is packed with too much sodium. Fast food eating combined with smoking and drinking could surely lead to cardiovascular problems in the long run, especially when there is not enough potassium to negate these. Hence, it is utterly important to include potassium rich foods in our diet.

Foods That Are Rich in Potassium

Banana is the number one item in the list of potassium rich foods. One medium banana (about 118 grams) already has 467 potassium per mgs. Aside from this fruit, there are numerous other foods which can also provide high amounts of potassium like avocado, dried apricots, cantaloupe, raisins and dates.

You can also get it from fish like tuna halibut, salmon and trout. Vegetables like artichoke, lentil, broccoli and Brussels sprouts are potassium rich foods too. Even dairy products like non fat milk and low fat yogurt can be good sources.

Before you even start stashing pills in your body, you might want to do some alterations with your diet first. After all, nothing beats the natural way of dealing with hypertension.


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