Health Benefits of Coffee

Are you a big coffee drinker? A lot of people drink coffee in the morning because they wanted to be kept awake by the caffeine; not to mention that this has been a habit each single day. When it comes to health, there are studies saying something about its negative effects, while there are many pointing to the positive health benefits of coffee.

Being optimistic people, we will deal with the positive benefits today. Here they are:

Protection from diseases

One of the best health benefits of coffee is that it can protect the brain from certain diseases. These diseases include Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia. Coffee has a lot of antioxidants, and these antioxidants can also prevent liver diseases in people who are stressed out.

Health Benefits of Coffee
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Boosts brain performance

Have you been lacking sleep lately? Coffee is a natural stimulant, and it’s no secret that one of the best health benefits of coffee is that it can improve your brain’s performance. A cup of Joe might be just what you need to help you be more alert in the office. A lot of people also say that drinking coffee regularly helps to sharpen one’s memory.

Speeds up metabolism

Those who take coffee regularly enjoy one of the best health benefits of coffee which is to keep one slim. You don’t have to worry about your metabolism if you take coffee each day because the substance naturally enhances your body’s ability to burn off energy. Some athletes even drink coffee to make sure they’re burning enough energy during a workout. Drinking coffee is also said to lower the risks of type 2 diabetes, and of course, obesity.

Keeps you young

Coffee has great benefits for your skin. Because of its antioxidants, one of the best health benefits of coffee is that it can keep the blemishes away. If you drink the beverage moderately, you can also prevent cancer. Some spas even offer coffee treatments wherein they apply coffee directly onto the skin. Apparently, it’s also a good body scrub.

Caution while drinking coffee

While drinking coffee has plenty of benefits, anything in abundance is considered bad. Coffee speeds up your heart rate so if you have heart problems, drinking five cups of coffee a day is definitely not a good thing. Those who drink more than enough coffee also suffer from sleep deprivation, while others believe that drinking coffee now has the “opposite” effect on their bodies which means that they’re most likely to feel sleepy when they drink the beverage.

According to studies, you need to drink two full glasses of water for every cup of coffee that you drink. Otherwise, you may suffer from dehydration. If you’re preparing your cup of coffee, make sure you’re not putting too much sugar in it either. Simply adjust the strength of your coffee if it’s too strong, and don’t turn the beverage into an excuse to consume more simple sugars.

It’s also not advisable for pregnant women to consume more than 200 mg of coffee. Most pregnant women skip the beverage altogether. If you’re concerned that drinking coffee might increase your heart rate too much, or perhaps even cause contractions in your uterus, ask your doctor for advice. Some would say one cup a day is safe, but if you want to not take coffee while pregnant for the safety of your baby, drinking coffee is not a must. Its health benefits can also be found in other food items.

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