Cholesterol Lowering Diets

Engaging in cholesterol lowering diets is a good solution for people who are knotty about the high level of cholesterol in their body. Without a doubt, escalated cholesterol level can lead to a lot of health concerns. Instead of shoving-in too many meds in your body on a daily basis, the best thing to do is to make minimal alterations with the way you eat. In effect, your body will be able to naturally regulate the cholesterol level without the need to be too dependent on pills and meds.

Target: Reduce Bad Cholesterol

When planning for cholesterol lowering diets, the main target is to reduce the bad cholesterol or LDL in your system. To be able to ensure that your health remains in top condition, you need to opt for nutritious and low fat foods.

Cholesterol Lowering Diet

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If you are the type of person who habitually snacks between meals, you do not really need to starve yourself just to lower your cholesterol levels. Instead of munching on chips and sweets, the best option is to choose fruits and vegetables. These will effectively reduce your cholesterol level because of the high amount of fiber that they contain. Fiber effectively flushes out toxins in the body. At the same time, fruits and vegetables do not contain LDL and your body gets the vitamins and nutrients that it needs.

Starting the Day

A good way to start up each day is to have a bowl of oatmeal. This is an effective method to automatically lower the amount of bad cholesterol in the body while satisfying your hunger. It will also provide you with the boost of energy that you need for the day.

If you would like to substitute oatmeal in the morning, whole grain cereals is the best option. Just make sure that you will use fat-free or low-fat milk with it. Make your breakfast a bit healthier and tastier by adding almonds, beans, lentils or peanuts.

Food options

People who are used to eating meat are apprehensive about cholesterol lowering diets because they think that they would be deprived of their favorite meal. It is okay to eat meat so long as you stay away from red meat. The best options are fish, chicken and turkey. These have high amount of protein which contributes in building leaner and stronger muscles. Fish meat like salmon and tuna have high amount of Omega 3 too which improves the performance of your heart. When preparing your doze of meat, make sure to use less or no oil by baking, grilling or broiling them. Remove the skin too.

If there are types of food that you should eat more, of course there are also those which you should stay away from. Alcoholic beverages, especially beer, should be completely avoided. Aside from the whopping amount of carbohydrates that these contain, these could also slow down the body’s metabolism. Deep frying is not good too so forget about chips and other food with immeasurable amount of fats and cholesterol. If necessary, use margarine without hydrogenated oil instead of butter.

When opting for cholesterol lowering diets, you do not really have to feel too deprived of good food. You simply need to be a little more careful when preparing your meals and be choosy with what you eat.

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