Health Benefits of Almonds

Most of you would probably be more familiar with almonds as a baking ingredient. It’s usually added to brownies, and its essence is used as an ingredient to make gelatin. However, there are also health benefits of almonds that you must be more aware of. Who knew that such a delicious nut can promote good health?

Here are some Health Benefits of Almonds:

Promotes high IQ

Studies have found that one of the health benefits of almonds is that it promotes high IQ in children, especially those who are only 2 to 3 years old. If you introduce almonds at this age, you’ll be filling your child’s diet with a lot of nutrition since almonds contain high levels of vitamin E, phosphorous, iron, magnesium and calcium. You don’t have to feed kids too many almonds either. Just two to three pieces which are soaked to soften would be good enough. A word of caution, though: the outer skin could contain allergens to it is best to remove it.

Controls cholesterol levels

Health Benefits of Almonds

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For adults, one of the best health benefits of almonds is that it promotes high levels of good cholesterol (HDL) which in effect lowers the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL). Compared to other snacks, almonds are also healthier, so you might want to munch on these nuts and skip the oily batch of fries.

Good for the skin

While it’s good to much on almonds to promote good skin from the inside, almond oil and almond milk are also applied onto the external layers of the skin because they keep the skin from drying up. Almond oil and milk are also wonderful smelling, which makes this not just one of the best kept health benefits of almonds, but one of the best kept beauty secrets as well.

Protects the body from diabetes

Are you diabetic? They you will be happy to note that one of the best health benefits of almonds is that it lessens the rise in insulin. Insulin rise can cause a lot of complications in the body which could put the lives of diabetics at risk. If you’re diabetic, this is definitely the right nut for you.

Good for pregnant women

Almonds are also rich in folic acid which is good for the fetus mental and body development. These nuts are also filling, so they’re good snacks each time you feel pregnant hunger pangs. They’re definitely better than chips and other food products which are high in sugar. If you’re trying to avoid gestational diabetes, this is the right nut for you too.

Good for digestion

If you feel like you’ve been eating too much processed food and white flour, you could be afraid of constipation. This is a common problem among many of us. Thankfully, almonds are rich in fiber, and they could help you pass your bowels regularly.

Natural energy booster

Those who work out also love almonds because they can provide that much-needed energy boost. About half a cup of these nuts could help power up an hour or two’s worth of workout. They’re rich in copper, Riboflavin, and manganese.

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