Health Benefits of Cherries

Health Benefits of Cherries

For a fruit that’s so sweet and delicious, it’s very hard to believe that it has any health benefits at all. Did you know that there are actually several health benefits of cherries? It’s globally used in tandem with chocolates in several desserts, and it’s even used as a garnish to cocktail drinks. So what do the doctors know about cherries which you haven’t found out yet?


Unknown to most people, one of the best health benefits of cherries is the fact that it can cure inflammation. If you’re having a skin inflammation because of an injury, allergy, or a cut, all you have to do is to pop a cherry into your mouth and wait for the effects to take place. This is a much safer treatment that those over-the-counter medicines which are filled with harsh chemicals.

Prevent arthritis

Also, another least known health benefits of cherries is its ability to help prevent arthritis. Arthritis happens when one’s uric acid levels have gone much too high. When you include cherries in your regular diet, you can actually keep your uric acid levels stable. This keeps you off arthritis.

Keeps your heart healthy

Health Benefits of Cherries
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If you thought that cherries only made you happy because of its wonderful taste, think again. It has serious benefits for your heart as well because it helps to lower your body fat, cholesterol, and also your body’s risk of inflammation. This study was actually made in the University of Michigan, so you have all the excuse to stock up on cherries because it’s very good for your health.

Boosts memory

Have you been having a hard time keeping track of things because you fear that you’re losing your memory? One of the best health benefits of cherries is the fact that the fruit has Anthocyanin. This naturally occurring chemical helps to boost one’s memory. You’ll feel much younger because you have better memory when you include a lot of cherries in your diet.

Protects body from cancer

Cherries can also protect your body from cancer because it contains cyanidin. This is a powerful antioxidant which helps to kill off bad cells in your body caused by stress and bad diet. It’s a known to eliminate free radicals.

High in Beta Carotene

Beta carotene is very important in the body, and cherries are great sources of this nutrient. It has more than 19 times the volume of beta carotene present in blueberries and strawberries. When taken with these other berries, cherries are certainly power food products.

Aids in sleep

Have you been having a hard time falling asleep? You’ll be relieved to know that one of the best health benefits of cherries is its ability to aid you into a regular sleeping pattern. The fruit contains melotonin with is a very important component in regulating sleep cycles. Eating cherries regularly can definitely help you get a good night’s sleep. It doesn’t cost much either, and it’s definitely safer to eat these fruits than to pop a pill.

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