Coconut Water Health Benefits

It cannot be denied that there are plenty of coconut water health benefits. The coconut tree has often been considered a “life-giving” tree and for a good reason. The coconut fruit alone can provide so much nutrition and benefits which could topple the same benefits offered by modern medicine. While some of the claims may seem too good to be true, most are back up by medical professionals. Find out why you need to make coconut water a staple in your diet.

Cure for dehydration

You might want to pass up on energy drinks because there is a natural fruit juice that contains just as much electrolytes, is cheaper, and could contain more nutrients than your solution in a bottle. One of the best coconut water health benefits is the fact that it can cure severe dehydration. In fact, it’s so effective that it was even used intravenously for soldiers suffering from dehydration during the war.

Cures stomach illnesses

There are plenty of stomach illnesses which are hard to pinpoint immediately. The old timer’s solution is just plain old coconut water. One of the oldest known coconut water health benefits is that it can cure stomach illnesses which could cause vomiting or diarrhea. It’s potent but mild enough to be used on infants suffering from intestinal bacteria. It has anti-bacterial properties, and is also known to calm the stomach acids down so that nausea is also controlled. It’s so effective that even people suffering from malaria were given relief thanks to coconut water.

Coconut Water Health Benefits

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Relieves urinary tract problems

If you’ve suffered from UTI or urinary tract infection in the past, then you must already know that one of the best examples of coconut water health benefits is the fact that it can relieve you of your urinary tract discomforts. It’s a known diuretic, has anti-bacterial properties (so it kills the infection) and it’s even known to treat kidney and gall stone problems. You don’t have to resort to artificial medicines right away. You can choose the natural remedy. These are safer and proven to be more effective.

Good for malnutrition

If you fear that your child is not getting enough nutrition, you might want to start introducing coconut water and coconut meat into his/her diet. One of the best coconut water health benefits is the fact that it’s just brimming with nutrients. These nutrients include calcium, potassium, and magnesium. If you’re asking your child to take vitamin supplements, drinking coconut water also makes the body absorb these nutrients better. It’s also a good remedy for children who are suffering from malnourishment because of loose bowel movement or even diarrhea.

Cleanses the body

Coconut water cleanses the body from toxins naturally. It can help you get rid of unwanted fats, so it’s a good food product to have if you’re trying to lose weight. Coconut water, just like coconut oil, also helps to control cholesterol and sugar levels better. If you’re diabetic, this is a low carbohydrate and low sugar fruit you can indulge yourself in.

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