Turmeric Health Benefits

Are you aware of the many turmeric health benefits that are known today? Turmeric is a yellowish-orange colored spice that is mostly grown in Asia. It is used in many Asian dishes, particularly Indian dishes, especially curry. Aside from its unique taste, though, the spice has good effects on your health as well. In the Philippines, turmeric is called “luyang dilaw”.


One of the best turmeric health benefits is its anti-cancer properties. Indian doctors prescribe this spice to those who are prone to breast or prostate cancer. While no scientific studies have been made about its ability to cure cancer per se, it’s known to be a preventive ingredient. If you eat food products with turmeric in them regularly enough, you should enjoy the benefits it could bring.


Turmeric Health Benefits
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If you have burns and cuts, you should know that one of the most popular turmeric health benefits is its antiseptic properties. To apply the spice on your burns and cuts, simply dilute in a small amount of water. In no time, you should experience relief from your burns and cuts. Just make sure that the cuts are not so deep. The spice is supposed to be applied only externally.

Aids in digestion

Whether you’re suffering from indigestion, constipation, or loose bowel movement, you should be able to enjoy one of the best turmeric health benefits. For some reason, this spice just helps to regulate your bowel movement.

Protects your liver

According to studies, turmeric is also known to protect your liver. If you worry because you’ve been drinking too much alcohol, turmeric is a good remedy. Just eat food products with this spice and your liver should be fine.

Reduces cholesterol

One of the best turmeric health benefits is that it lowers your cholesterol level. This is very beneficial if you suspect that you’re prone to heart diseases, or you have too much oily food in your diet. Turmeric just might help you balance off your lifestyle.

Prevents arthritis

Aside from cholesterol levels, turmeric can also help you manage your uric acid levels. This means that you can better protect yourself from arthritis as long as you eat food with this spice. This is one of the best reasons you can give to eat more curry!

Cures skin inflammation

Have you been exposed to allergens? Are you suffering from any type of skin inflammation? You’ll be glad to know that one of the health benefits of turmeric is that it can help lessen skin inflammation. You can apply the spice directly to the inflamed area, or eat food with turmeric to help your body heal from the inside.

Stabilizes blood sugar

Are you diabetic? Turmeric is also a wonder spice for people who are suffering from diabetes. The spice won’t necessarily lower your blood sugar, but it can help you manage it better. Diabetic people suffer from sugar crashes as well as sugar highs, and turmeric spice can just help you prevent the complications that go with this blood sugar level ups and downs.

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