Culinary Institute of America

Culinary Institute of America

Culinary Institute of America is among the most prestigious culinary college not just within the US but also across the globe. The prominence of this school is attributed to their exemplary curriculum and extensive training that they give to their students. Individuals who came from this school step out into the real world with pride because of the knowledge that they have obtained. Whether they practice professionally or showcase their skills to friends and family, there is no doubt that graduates from this college are bound to impress everyone.

History of the Culinary Institute of America

It was in 1946 when the Culinary Institute of America was initially established. It was Katharine Angell and Frances Roth who started out everything. The first location was in New Haven, Connecticut and back then, it was still called as the New Haven Restaurant Institute.

The main purpose of Roth and Angell was to create a training school for individuals who served during the World War II. This school also had humble beginnings because initially, there were only 50 enrollees. Amazingly, it only took four years before the school soars as one of the most popular culinary institute. In 1950, the population of graduates from this school escalated to 600 veterans who came from 38 different states. In 1951, it was officially changed to reinforce their mission to serve people, regardless of where they are from.

Culinary Institute of America
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When the clamor for the services of the school continues to rise, moving to another venue was seriously considered. In 1970, the St. Andrew-on-Hudson Jesuit novitiate was hand picked to be the new campus. The new campus in Hyde Park, New York was officially opened in 1972.

Degrees Offered at the Culinary Institute of America

Today, the Culinary Institute of America offers a vast variety of courses and degrees not just to college students but also to individuals who would like to venture into recreational culinary courses.

CIA has revolutionized cooking methods with their structured courses. Among the programs offered by the school include Culinary Arts, Baking and Pastry Arts, Wine Studies, Food Enthusiast Programs and Professional Development Program. Each one has a carefully design curriculum which aims to gear up students with extensive knowledge about the specific culinary fields.

Branch Campuses

The national and international fame of the Culinary Institute of America led to the founding of other campus branches. Currently, there are three other CIA campuses aside from the main campus in Dutchess County, New York. Other branches are in San Antonio in Texas, St. Helena, CA, and an international branch in Singapore.

Other Information

Culinary Institute of America  is not a profit-oriented institution for culinary arts. This means that the college does not have owners and shareholders to think about so they remain unhindered when it comes to focusing on educational excellence.

Culinary Institute of America  also extends their hands to other people who would like to experience the kind of knowledge that they could get from CIA. Even without enrolling for in-house courses, interested individuals can access their E-learning programs and get a hold of the training materials from CIA.

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