What are low glycemic foods?

Low glycemic foods are not just ideal for people who are already dealing with diabetes. This is also recommended for those who aim to prevent the strike of common illnesses like heart attack, high blood pressure, obesity and a whole lot of others. It is never too early to start on a diet with low level of glycerin.

The Glycemic Index is a good basis for determining low glycemic foods. As a general rule, foods which are harder to digest have a lower rank in the Glycemic index. It also means these are less glycemic. On the other hand, those which can be easily broken down and absorbed by the body have higher ranks. The main reason is because when food is rapidly digested by the body, the more glucose boost it provides. When dealing with sugar levels in the body, it has to be remembered that the type and amount of food that you eat will instantly cause sugar level fluctuation.

With low glycemic foods, it is easier to regulate the amount of insulin in the body because there is no sudden pump of sugar. Aside from that, it is easier to lose weight, control appetite and limit the amount of food to eat each meal.

Low Glycemic Food

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Fruits may seem like a very harmless option when controlling sugar level. Yes, citrus fruits, apples, oranges, berries and pineapples are great options. However, you need to remember that as the fruit ripens, the amount of natural sugar that it contains will increase too. Hence, you need to regulate intake of ripe mangoes, bananas, peaches and most especially, watermelons.

The amount of sugar in vegetables is minimal. The best choice when choosing low glycemic foods are the ones with green, leafy characteristics. Vegetables like carrots and potatoes are not the best option either, so limit the amount of intake for these.

Among the vegetables which are ideal for regulating sugar level include asparagus, cabbage cucumber, broccoli and spinach. The best way to eat these is raw or blanched. Cooking sometimes strips off the nutrients that these vegetables have. The more heat it receives, the less nutrients remain.

There are other foods which are have low glycemic levels like oats, whole cereal, bran, barley and sour dough. When shopping for food, make sure to read the labels and ingredients to ensure that the manufacturing and processing does not involve use of sucrose, fructose, syrup and other components that can escalate sugar level. Ideally, those which involve less processing are more ideal for your health compared to those which have been treated during manufacturing.

Pastries surely have whopping amount of sugar. There are some baked goods which claim to be sugar free but before getting overly excited about these, it is best to take a closer look at its ingredients. Sometimes, the alternative sweetener can also be harmful for your health. If unavoidable and your craving is simply insatiable, a small slice of sponge cake is the safest choice. Sponge cake with natural lemon flavor is even better. This may not be one of the ideal low glycemic foods but can be a good remedy when you are hankering for baked goods.

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