Food Group Diet

If someone tells you that you can eat as much as you want without gaining weight, would you believe it? Maybe not. You would probably raise an eyebrow and turn your back, right? Truth is, there is a weight loss program that will not deprive you to eat until you are fully satisfied. It is called, the food group diet. Of course, there will be certain imitations since the target is to shed off some extra pounds. On the plus side, this will save you from other weight loss programs which will cause starvation and deprivation of food.

The Essence of Food Group Diet

What is the basic principle of the food group diet? In a nutshell, this diet involves knowing the different types of food group and using these as a basis for the meals each day. This does not involve any complexity when it comes to determining which food to eat everyday. All you need to do is to designate a specific food group for a particular day and ensure that you will not eat anything else that does not belong to the same group.

For example, if you choose to eat only meat on Monday, you have to dedicate this day solely for meat dishes. No veggies, no fruits, no bread and others. You can venture into trying out different ways of how meat is prepared for the meals within the day. Just keep in mind that the method of preparing it should be healthy too. Do not use oil and do not add ingredients which could pump up the level of calories.

Food Group Diet

Reason for Weight Loss

The reason why the food group diet helps in weight loss is because it enables you to control your appetite much easier. If a day is dedicated on a single food group, then your craving for it would not be as intense. For example, if you eat meat during breakfast, you would not be as enticed with it when lunch time comes. By dinner, you would most likely want to eat just a little. So even if you do not have to measure the food that you should eat per meal, it is inevitable for you to cut back on what you eat. This diet is a way of tricking your appetite. Indulging on one food group each day is the key in managing the amount of food intake daily.

The plus side about this diet is that it would not starve you just like how other crash diets would. In effect, you would also end up using up stored fat. Instead of losing muscles, those extra flabs which you hate so much will be targeted and burned.

Reminders for Food Group Diet

The different food groups which you could assign for each day are: meat, vegetable, dairy products, fruit, fish, cheese and eggs. Keep in mind that to make the diet work even more, the preparation should be done in a healthy manner—no deep frying or overindulging with sugar and carbs. It is recommended to stick with organic food too.

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