Top Foods with Vitamin B

It’s a well-known fact that eating several healthy meals each day boosts your metabolism, which is essential for losing weight and keeping it off. However, what you eat is just as important. Adding foods with vitamin B to your plate is one of the smartest and most delicious ways to rev up your metabolism and enjoy many more health benefits. Kick start a lifetime of great health by learning how simple every day foods can keep you lean, give you glowing skin and enhance your energy.

If you want to lose weight or need a long term strategy for maintaining your weight loss, it’s a great idea to understand the role of vitamin b complex and to incorporate it into your daily menu. Vitamin b complex is a collective name for vitamin B1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 12. Although each of them has a unique function, together they speed up your metabolism by breaking down carbohydrates into energy. Because most of them can’t be stored in your body and get flushed out with urine, regular consumption of foods with vitamin b is necessary to burn fat.Foods with Vitamin B

There is no need to spend hours at the grocery store searching the aisle for foods with vitamin B. This vitamin is contained in many common foods. Fish, particularly salmon, mackerel, trout and tuna are all rich in vitamin B. So are (calf or lamb) liver and pork chops. Other foods include vegetarian meatballs, clams, crab, mussels, oysters and lobster. Top vegetables and fruits are corn, black beans, soy beans, Brussels sprouts, spinach, avocadoes, mushrooms, strawberries, raspberries and plums. Nuts, especially pecans, almonds, macadamias, peanuts and hazelnuts, make great vitamin-loaded snacks.

If you like cooking with spices, include as much coriander and sage as you can. Use sesame and sunflower seeds for your salads. The most common, rich sources of vitamin B by far are eggs, milk, brie cheese and raw garlic.

The benefits of foods with vitamin B are not limited to a fast metabolism. Long term consumption of these foods can increase your overall energy; promote healthier skin, fingernails and hair growth, improve your vision, fight allergies, ward off migraines, keep your body clean from harmful free radicals, beat fatigue, improve cardiovascular health and significantly lessen your chances of cancer. If you enjoy your wine, vitamin b-rich foods help your liver to process alcohol.

Vitamin B complex pills are available; however it is much healthier to take this vitamin in food form. This is because pills can have undesirable side effects, which can be dangerous especially for pregnant women and children.

A healthy body begins in your kitchen and it is as simple as tweaking your grocery list to include foods with vitamin B. This simple change to your lifestyle can help your body to melt stored fat and stay in shape. Adding vitamin B complex to your diet can also help you avoid illnesses, improve organ function and help you enjoy new levels of energy.

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