Foods that lower the blood sugar

Unusually high blood sugar is a health hazard for both diabetic and non-diabetics alike. It is also known as hyperglycaemia. It might happen gradually or suddenly. Whatever causes it or how it happens, it is very wise to keep a kitchen stocked with foods that lower blood sugar to have as part of your daily diet and counter an attack should your blood sugar spike.

High blood sugar is a critical issue to those suffering from diabetes and what causes it will obviously differ from non-diabetics. The main culprit of high sugar in diabetics is unbalanced insulin. Patients are required to take shots of insulin every day to regulate their sugar. When it is not taken or administered incorrectly, it could have an adverse effect on the body. It can also happen if insulin medication is passed its expiry date. Another cause of unpredictable blood sugar is stress. Stress in this case refers to the negative kind that might surface because of professional or personal reasons. Positive stress, such as an intense feeling of happiness, can in fact benefit the well being of diabetics.Foods that lower the blood sugar

Besides insulin, high blood sugar levels are a result of diet. This is a major cause in diabetics and non-diabetics alike. Carbohydrates in food are known to raise sugar in your blood and it’s not hard to imagine what happens when you consume carb-loaded meals. Fortunately, fixing high sugar levels through diet is easier than most people think. It really does involve eating foods that lower blood sugar. Among these foods are vegetables, fruits, nuts, and vinegar and lemon juice.

You have to be careful about the kind of vegetables you include in your diet. Although vegetables are considered to be healthy in general, when you want to avoid spiking blood sugar, it’s wise to have veggies like celery, artichokes and onions. These foods have certain properties that are designed to lower glucose in your system and reduce symptoms of hyperglaecymia. You should also make an effort in selecting your fruits. Most fruits have sugar so it is best to eat those that contain the least amount so as not to cancel out their effect. Best foods that lower the blood sugar are strawberries, oranges, apples, pomegranates and cranberries. Nuts can be mixed with sunflower seeds for maximum effect. If you enjoy salads, make a salad dressing from vinegar and lemon juice instead of dressings that are loaded with carbohydrates.

How do you know you’re suffering from hyperglycemia? The milder symptoms include thirst, headaches, and feelings of fatigue, weight loss and diminished concentration. The best way to find out, of course, is to consult your doctor and measure your blood sugar level. If you don’t treat your high sugar levels either through medication or foods that lower blood sugar, it might lead to infections; deterioration of vision slowed healing, stomach problems and damaged nerves. For diabetics, high sugar levels can be a matter of life and death and for non-diabetics; it can have serious consequences and cause irreversible damage to your health.

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