Stir Fry Tofu with Vegetables

Stir Fry Tofu with Vegetables is healthy vegetarian dish packed with protein and vitamins. It has a nice texture brought about by the fried tofu and natural crisp of the vegetables. It also has a good natural flavor.

Looks nice, isn’t it? Though it looks intimidating, this dish is very easy to make. In my opinion, this recipe is fit for beginners. If you tried frying eggs or at least boiled them successfully, there is no reason why you cannot successfully execute this recipe.

Are you familiar with all the ingredients? Let’s revisit some of them, maybe you’ll remember. Snow pea or “chicharo” in Filipino is a common ingredient in chopsuey and pancit bihon. This has anti-bacterial properties and can help avoid infertility. It is also rich in Vitamin C.

We all know that Tofu is a good source of protein – soy protein to be specific. Regular consumption of this type of protein can lower the bad cholesterol in our body gradually. It is also high in calcium. This promotes bone health.

Try this Stir Fry Tofu with Vegetables recipe and let me know what you think. Continue reading Stir Fry Tofu with Vegetables

Shared Recipe. Roast Chicken

John H. of Levittown, PA shares to us his Roast Chicken recipe. He is a Filipino-American working in the medical field. He loves to eat healthy foods and here is one of his favorite healthy chicken recipes.

He writes:

I love to eat chicken but I don’t have the energy to do some fancy stuff on it. I only cook after my shift and this is often for dinner which is also my lunch for the next day. This Roast Chicken recipe is my favorite because it is simple yet flavorful. I also like this recipe because it gives me time to relax while cooking. All I do is sit on the couch until the timer sounds.

Roasted Chicken

You will need the following:

1 whole chicken

Freshly ground black pepper

1 large lemon

6 cloves garlic

Sea salt

Fresh thyme

Olive oil


1 – Clean the chicken and pat dry. Rub salt and pepper.

2 – Boil water and add salt, whole lemon, and garlic. Set aside the lemon and garlic.

3 – Pull the chicken breast skin and pour a little olive oil between skin and breast.

4 – Get the lemon and pierce for the juice to have an outlet.

5 – Place the lemon, garlic, and thyme inside the cavity of the chicken

6 – Get a roasting pan and place the chicken in. Roast for 1 hour and 20 minutes at 350F.

7 – Serve. Store the leftovers in the fridge so that you can make some healthy chicken salad for tomorrow.

Spiral Noodles with Vegetables

Here is another interesting recipe submitted by Jannet Spengler of  Heidelberg, Germany. If you can recall, she was the one who shared her  Tortang Talong with Giniling recipe and here she is once more with another wonderful creation.

She writes:

Hello Kuya,

I enjoy reading your website and am always eager to try out your recipes. I already tried your Pandesal, Beef and Onions, Buttered Puto, Beef Mami, Max Style fried Chicken, Orange Chicken and the Ham and Spinach Omelet from Ate Flora in CA. Now, i thought to share another recipe with you and your fans. I don’t even have a name for it but i know that my whole family loves it. Maybe your fans will love it too.


Spiral Noodles with Vegetables


2 Tbsp cooking oil
3 garlic cloves
1 onion
1 tomato
salt and pepper
2 Tbsp fish sauce (patis)
2 broth cubes (i use Maggi Fette Brühe which you can buy in Germany)
1 lbs ground beef
1 carrot thinly sliced
100g white cabbage
250g broccoli
250g romano beans (long, wide beans) but you can use regular beans if you want
250g cauliflower
250g chinese cabbage
350g spiral noodles

100g = 3.5 oz 250g = 8.8 oz 350g = 12.3 oz

Note: I added the carrots too early while cooking and it ended up being too soft. So i changed it in the cooking directions. You will see that the pictures will be different.

Cooking Directions:

1. In a wok or big cooking pot add and heat cooking oil on medium heat.

2. Sautee garlic, onion, tomato and add fish sauce. Cover and shimmer for 2 mins.

3. Add ground beef, salt and pepper, cover and shimmer until beef is cooked.
4. Now add 1 cup of water and the 2 broth cubes and let it shimmer for 1-2 mins.
5. First add and mix beans and white cabbage. Simmer about 3 mins.

6. Add and mix broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. Simmer for another 3mins.
7. Add and mix chinese cabbage and simmer for 2 mins.
8. Add salt and pepper to taste if needed. Set aside.


1. Cook your noodles as directed in the package.


1. Add the spiral noodles to your cooked vegetables.
2. Mix well and check if the flavor is alright. Add a broth cube or salt and pepper if needed.
2. Enjoy!!!