Does Eating Sweet Potato Make You Fart?

Sweet Potato KamoteKamote or Sweet Potato is a fleshy, brownish, tube-like plant root that looks similar to the ordinary potato but differs in color, taste, and other aspects. This is commonly used as a vegetable and is considered as one of the favorite ingredients in Asian cuisine. Unknown to many, Kamote is very nutritious (even more nutritious than other vegetables). It contains high amounts of vitamins and minerals such as fiber, complex carbohydrates, protein, vitamins A and C, iron, vitamin B6, and calcium.

Enough of the background, now let’s try to answer the question. But before that, it is essential to first define what fart is and its possible causes. Don’t be grossed-out; I’m sure all of us do this once in a while :).

Fart or Flatulence or Intestinal gas is composed of gases produced within the digestive tract. These gases are produced as a by-product of digesting certain types of food. Flatulence-producing foods are typically high in certain polysaccharides (Polysaccharides are relatively complex carbohydrates). Some of these foods are Sweet Potato, beans, onions, and garlic.

Now we all knew that the answer to the question is a big “Yes” and we even had an idea on other foods that causes the unwanted gas. Do you want to know more? I think you ought to know that cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage are just some of the vegetables with the reputation to not only increase the deposit of intestinal gas; they are also the reason for the strong smell.

Next time you order barbequed spare ribs, think twice if you still want that coleslaw on the side ;).


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