Pichi-Pichi Recipe

Pichi-Pichi is a gelatinous dessert (this can also be eaten as a heavy mid-afternoon snack) made from grated cassava and sugar. The concoction is placed in a mold and steamed until a sticky-gelatinous texture is formed. After steaming, this is coated with grated coconut for additional flavor.

It was not until a few years ago that I was able to try Pichi-Pichi. This is usually ordered in our workplace on special occassions along with Filipino Spaghetti and Pork Barbeque (these are grilled pork slices in skewers). I liked it because the taste is not too sweet and it fills me up fast.

The cost of this recipe won’t hurt your wallets. For the business minded individuals, you can start a food business by selling Pichi-Pichi with the other foods featured here in Panlasang Pinoy. Let’s remember that it is good to fill our stomach but it will even be better if our wallets are filled at the same time.

Try this Pichi-Pichi recipe.

Pichi Pichi Recipe

Pichi Pichi Recipe


  • 2 cups cassava, grated
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 cup coconut, grated
  • 1/2 tsp lye water
  • 1/2 tsp buko-pandan essence

Watch the cooking video:

Cooking Procedure

  1. In a mixing bowl, combine cassava, sugar, and water then mix thoroughly
  2. Add lye water while continously stirring the mixture
  3. Put-in the buko-pandan essence then mix again
  4. Once the mixture is evenly distributed, pour in individual cup molds and place in a steamer
  5. Steam the mixture for 45 minutes to 1 hour (or until the color turns translucent)
  6. Allow the steamed pichi-pichi to cool down (at least 40 minutes to 1 hour ; you can even place it in the fridge after letting it cool down at least 15 minutes) then remove from the molds
  7. Roll the each piece over the grated coconut
  8. Place in a serving plate then serve. Share and Enjoy!

Number of servings (yield): 5

Thanks for sharing this post! I appreciate you.

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  1. hi, ask ko lang what if kinabukasan mo kakainin ang pichi pichi kailangan ba ilagay sa ref then steam uli or ganun lang cya ?
    thanks in advance.

  2. mayrelle tabares says:

    tanong lng po ko kung ano ang other substitute sa lye water…?????

  3. i tried this recipe this afternoon…it was a success! my daughter loves it! thanks!

  4. lito r. garcia says:

    hahaha!!! alam ko na kung anu ang lye water na yan naguluhan kasi ako kung anu yun , di kasi kilala ng mga tindera sa palengke, ang sabi pa pag nakilala daw nila eh sasampalin nila para makilala rin sila, yun nga pala yun lihia at hindi un anisado.

  5. lye water? ito po ba yun anisado o anis na gamit SA pampatingkad ng kulay ng atsuete atgamit din sa suman-yakap?

  6. Hi! I love your website! You have recipes that are easy to make – no kyeme :) I made some Pichi Pichi using a friend’s recipe but I like yours better. I have a question – can I skip the Lye water? I can’t get it here where I live. I’ve been looking for molds like the one you used but can´t be found anywhere. I used a non stick mini muffin pan (it came out great) but your molds look cuter. Thank you for posting all kinds of GREAT recipes.

  7. ahmm . gud evening po khit po ba wlang lye water yan?? kasi nd ko un alm ehh anu ba un !1 heheh tan0ng lang po ! :))

  8. kuya keep up da good work poh:)hanga tlga me sayo galing nyo po:)sana next time po yema nmn at pulvoron..GOD BLESS

  9. can i use pandan flavor instead of buko pandan essence?

  10. Christine says:

    hi Rowena i’m from japan too, san ka nakabili ng lye water at grated cassava? favorite ko rin kasi ito pero di ako makahanap ng mga engridients.Pls. reply tnx.

  11. I would have used cassava flour instead of the grated cassava called for in your pichi-pichi recipe but unknowingly,I used cassava powder. It was what my husband brought home when I asked him to buy the flour for me. I didn’t even bother to check it.

    My pichi-pichi was a failure. It was very elastic and hard to chew. Please correct me if I’m wrong….cassava flour and cassava powder are not one and the same.

    Please post the recipe for the authentic Putong Polo. Thanks and more power to Panlasang Pinoy.

  12. heia, thanks sa recipe mo. Try ko sya kahapon. Almost perfect. sinunod ko lang recipe mo. Thanks again.

  13. hi po, instead of fresh casava can i use the casava flour sa pitchi pitchi po? f so same pa rin ba ang sukat? thanks. other thing when i setam it? need ba na malakas ang apoy or mahina lang?

  14. TONI, GEORGIA says:

    you can buy molds at bed bath and beyond if your in the USA.I bought mine there..They have diff sizes.Hope this helped

  15. TONI, GEORGIA says:

    San po ba nabibili ang lye water? wala po kasi akong makita sa vietnamese store( kung san most of asian foods are there) na malapit sa amin d2 sa Gainesville, Ga, publix at walmart. Kung baking soda po ang substitute nya kapag walang 1/2 tsp of lye water..ilang tsp naman po ng baking soda ang kailangan? Thank you po…Toni

    • virginia algara says:

      hi toni..taga geogia din ako…saa conyers..i bought my lye water in that vietnamese store

  16. Kuya,

    I am really checking my e-mails daily and waiting for the new recipes that you are sending me. I am really trying some of the recipes where the ingredients are available here in Dubai and good thing is my hubby appreciates the outcome. I want to request this recipe, please do feature “Halo-halong bilo-bilo”, I think some call it ginataan, I really want to share this to my housemates and ofcourse to my hubby.

    Thanks and more power!

    Dubai, U.A.E.

    • Hi Ms. Jessy this is May from Dubai also just wanted to know where did you buy youre lye water. I hope you could help ! thanks & regards.

      • Hello May! I bought lye water from West Zone sa Satwa (across the petshops) dun ko rin nabili ang powdered Cassava flour.

  17. christie says:

    hello!pag ang gamitin is fresh cassava grated kailangan ba talaga i squeeze out yung juice ng cassava tapos itapon?or ihalo lang lahat na ingredients

  18. Thank you for your very easy to follow recipes. Hmmmnn, it really help me. Keep it up.. Nag-aabang po ako sa next recipes na gagawin nyo..
    God Bless and more power!!

  19. kainis wala naman akong makitang lye water dito sa norway!!

    • heia, rodamie dito rin ako sa norway. Yung lye water ko nabili ko sa pinas. kaya nakagawa ako ng pichi.pichi.

  20. Using the extract from boiled pandan leaves is better ellen.

  21. hi..what is lye water?

  22. i got frozen cassava sa grocery, i-grate lang po. wala po kami powdered form na cassava. pede din ba gamitin yun fresh cassava instead of powdered na gamit nyo? wala din ako mold na gamit nyo from Phils, pede po ba yun aluminum mold na nbibili dn sa grocery stores? thanks

  23. Hi! favorite ko yang pitchi pitchi try ko gumawa, pero san po available ang lye water?Also yung powdered cassava? Thanks.

  24. more recipes po!

  25. hi kuya,
    thanks po ng marami sa recipe ng pichi pichi,pinagbigyan nyo po ang request ko..ngayun lang me nag open ng program nyo kasi medyo nagbusy sa work,but when i opened it ,wow! my pichi pichi was here! thank u po ng marami.

  26. Hello! Parequest naman ng Ube Macapuno Roll like yung sa Goldilocks or Red Ribbon please? I tried most of your recipes and they turned out tasting just like the one we have back home. Sana you’ll feature it here on your website, thanks!

  27. sir,ano po yung lye water?tnx po

  28. Looks delicious, even if I’m not fan of pichi pichi! :)

  29. Anne Cabrera says:

    Hi there!

    Do you prefer frozen or fresh grated cassava?

    Thanks for sharing!

  30. I really love your pichi pichi. I like this recipe it looks easy to make and yummy.

  31. Hi sig, sa Pinas pa galing yung mga molds na gamit natin dito.

  32. ay ganun po ba, kaya pala wala me makita dito. Anyways, i really like the website. Thanks for creating it. Definitely helps me a lot. Meron po ba kayo recipe on haw to make puto at bibingka? Thanks and more power again.

  33. Thats the method that my Lola uses too. And yeah, grated cheese taste good with pichi-pichi. Learned it from a co-worker after I brought the pichi-pichi in the office for them to try.

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