Fried Bangus

Before anything else, let me first acquaint you with a section of this blog called “What’s cookin?” This section (or category) is intended to showcase simple yet delicious food that we usually prepare on ordinary or busy days.

Unlike the recipe section, this does not show details on how certain foods are prepared. The ones featured here are done using basic cooking procedures that almost everyone is familiar with. In addition, this section is also intended to promote our appreciation on simple everyday meals that most of us had while growing-up (or still having until now) and remind everyone that some good food does not need to be costly and complicated.

I was craving for pritong bangus (milkfish) since last week: it is not until today that I was able to visit the local Pinoy store to get a pack of bangus marinated in vinegar and crushed garlic. I even saw some salted eggs and was able to grab a dozen.

Fried Bangus

On my way home, I keep imagining how the bangus would be like after frying. I don’t really plan to do some fancy recipe for this delicious fish – I’ll just fry it until the texture is somewhat toasted. Masarap kasi isaw-saw sa suka yung tustadong pritong bangus. Do you also like your fried bangus crispy? If not, how do like it done?

It didn’t take a lot of time to fry the fish. Since it’s already marinated, I just heated-up the frying pan and placed some canola oil in it then fried the bangus till it is crispy. The good thing about frying bangus in high heat is that the meat is crispy on the outside but still tasty in the inside and the belly remains to be soft. Talk about the belly, it’s the best part of the bangus as far as I am concerned especially when dipped in spicy vinegar. Is the belly also your favorite part?

Don’t be shy; you can speak up by posting a comment. I would really love to hear from you.

I guess the rice is already cooked; can’t wait to try this delicious fried bangus. Sarap magkamay! See you later!


  1. wow! I want to eat fried bangus, now na! That looks yummy… but it’s already midnight here, so I guess I have to drop by to the nearest Filipino shop here tomorrow morning… Mapapanaginipan ko ang pagkain ng bangus, for sure. Thanks for posting this.

  2. You are absolutely correct. Good food doesn’t need to be expensive, really. there are so many Filipino food that are simple to cook and not expensive, and yet there are super yummy, like this fried bangus. I love it! :-)

  3. loth domingo says:

    thanks for the recipe u sharing..i love the fried chicken its so yummy specially the white gravy…but i add some dark sauce ro make it bit dark and the milk that i used is evaporated milk wowww its so nice… thanks and GOD BLESS U GUYS

  4. Jennie says:

    ohh yeah,,,i love the belly of the milkfish, i find it as the best part of the fish :)…mmmmm i really miss having fried boneless milkfish in my dish with some green mango “carabao mango” and some bagoong and of course a spicy vinegar in the side..I am 2 months pregnant and i really do wanna eat milkfish. Its just that hard to find here in Sweden..But i was in Filipina Party 2 nights ago, and one of our friend has a little store called “Lila Manila”.And she asked what i really do wanted to eat and i told her that i want to have ” sinigang na bangus or boneless bangus”, and i was like cheered up when she said they have some milkfish too…Now i am gonna make the Fried Boneless Bangus,and make some garlic fried rice,, mmmm!!!! my husband really loves it.He wanna be in Philippines now, he always say that he miss the Philippine foods and the “kilawin”….

  5. beng m says:

    my husband and i really love fish and my daughter learns to eat it, too (she’s 4). the problem is the “tinik”. However, the fish doesn’t taste really good without the bones in it when you cook it, especially in soup like “sinigang” where fish head is better. Well, “no pain – no gain” I guess. I wish there’s an alternative for the boney soup taste so I could settle for fillets.

  6. lerchgrace says:

    wow…nakakagutom nman kuya 😉
    halos lahat yata ng meals mo favorite ko. thnxs sa mga advice mo.

  7. Agree with CeciliaMQ re oil splatter and flying out in different direction and the clean up afterwards. I can have fried bangus and broiled eggplant, spicy vinegar and sauteed bagoong any day and time. What I do I just go to any Asian store that fries fish for me and get the frozen ones and when I get home, I reheat it in a 400 degrees preheated oven for 10 minutes. No clean up to do and no oil residue sticking in my kitchen cupboards or ceiling.

  8. my favorite… marinated bangus specially when fried extra crispy then dipped in spiced vinegar. now its making me hungry again hehehe the belly part always go first. the only problem when frying marinated bangus is it splatter a lot that it scares me. unlike the plain boneless bangus where you could sprinkle some flour first before frying. i am getting me some of this this weekend. thanks for the idea.

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