Orange Chicken: First Place in SPCBA Culinary Competition

I was delighted to learn from one of our avid readers about her recent victory in the 2010 SPCBA Culinary Competition. Apple Instrella, a student at the San Pedro College of Business Administration bagged the first prize in the recently concluded SPCBA Culinary Competition. She and her teammate entered their twist of the Orange Chicken Recipe that we featured a few months back.

Orange Chicken Entry

This achievement is significant especially for Culinary Arts students because they are able to develop self confidence and a more competitive attitude which will help them in their culinary career in the future.

I am honored that they chose one of our featured recipes as their entry. This event made me realize the value of quality that we are putting in each of our recipe posts. Expect us to continue concentrating in this aspect on the next recipes to come.

Apple and Marc

Congratulations Apple and Mark. Good Job!

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  1. mariezel says:

    Hi Kuya Vanj,

    congrat’s to the team….i will try this one next time my friends will come over. i’m sure it will be a hit…. hopefully i get the right taste…

    i’ve tried the moist bananana cake and my sister is always requesting it whenever she dropped by and she shared it with her colleagues.

    i thought egg pie suppose to have loads of eggs and i was surprise it calls for 3 lang pala plus the one you have to separate…and by golly wow…it is sooo easy to make….hehehehehehe

    again kuya vanj, thanks for your site……..


  2. love how you make that egg pie it looks so easy but I’ll try kaso sometimes had hard time looking for your ingredients

  3. Congratulations to Apple and team and to you Vanjo.You have inspired millions
    and the results speaks for itself.

  4. very touching and inspiring story… congratulation to them but most to you kuya vanj. by the way its in my recepi list this month… so will see..wish me luck!:D

  5. wow! galing naman! at ang ganda ng presentation ninyo :D