Lechon Dinner

Finally, I was able to feature Lechon here in our Filipino Food Blog. I hate to disappoint everyone but this is not a Lechon Recipe that most of you might be expecting (hopefully, I’ll be able to feature that when I visit the Philippines in May this year). This is all about the Lechong Baboy (Roasted Pig) that we had a while ago during the birthday party of our friend’s daughter, Lia.

Lechon 1

See the smile in the pig’s face? I think that he or she is not camera shy at all. We had this a few hours back for dinner along with some sumptuous Filipino foods. The last time that I had Lechon was 2 years ago during New Year’s Eve and Panlasang Pinoy was not even born during that time.

Lechon 2

I can still remember the crunch of the pig’s skin as I munched it a few hours back. It was so crunchy and tasty and it needed no sauce at all. Good thing I was able to take some left over home which I plan to cook tomorrow. How about turning it into Lechon paksiw? Sounds like a good idea, you think?


My favorite part of the Lechon is the skin. I think that I had too much and it makes me feel uncomfortable but nevertheless, I still enjoyed eating it.

It’s time for me to have some rest for tomorrow’s Lechon paksiw project. Once again, Happy 9th Birthday Lia!

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  1. jannet says:

    wow! reminds me of my 29th bday in the philippines last jan 2009. we have a house in Laloma just 3 blocks away from the famous Lechons. everytime i go to blumentritt or just pass by the street where they are sold… i smell the delicious lechon. soooooo mouthwatering!!!

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