Ginataang Mais Recipe

Ginataang Mais is a Filipino dessert and snack made from whole kernel corn and coconut milk. This is a simple and quick Filipino dessert recipe that only takes less than 25 minutes to prepare. The appearance of this quick and easy dessert is similar to that of the Maja Blanca but there is a big difference in texture; the consistency is more like the Goto, Arroz Caldo, or perhaps the Champorado.I like this dessert (particularly this dessert recipe) because of the simple ingredients involved. I also believe that good dishes need not to be complicated and time consuming and this is one of the proofs.

You can enjoy Ginataang Mais for breakfast or as amid afternoon snack. Since it is packed with carbs, this can be a good meal before starting to do something that involves a lot of physical work.

Have you had Ginataang Mais before? What do you like most about this dish?

Try this Ginataang Mais Recipe and let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Ginataang Mais

Ginataang Mais Recipe


  • 4 cups coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup glutinous rice (malagkit)
  • 1 cup whole kernel corn
  • 3/4 cup granulated sugar

Watch the cooking video:

Cooking Procedure

  1. Combine coconut milk and glutinous rice in a cooking pot then turn on the heat. Let the coconut milk boil.
  2. Once the coconut milk is boiling, stir the mixture to prevent the glutinous rice from sticking. Set the heat to low and let the rice cook while stirring once in a while. This will take approximately 12 to 15 minutes.
  3. Add the whole kernel corn and cook for 5 minutes.
  4. Put-in the sugar and stir thoroughly. Cook for 2 more minutes.
  5. Transfer to a serving bowl and serve.
  6. Share and enjoy!

Number of servings (yield): 6


  1. Gustong gusto ko ung mga recipe nyo..

  2. dadgee nanquil says:

    I’m an avid follower of Panlasang Pinoy but until now, I’m still hoping that you’d post the recipe for Putong Polo. I requested for this in your Instagram page. I’ll keep on waiting for it. THANKS.

    • Dadgee, your patience will be greatly appreciated. I am still working on the ones ahead and I hope to grant your request when I get the chance.

  3. tama po kau jn kuya….

  4. My dad used to make this when I lived at home, and I’ve always wanted the recipe – thanks to your website, I can make this at home for my own son :)

    PS. My dad always added sliced jackfruit to it, which gives it added sweetness…and I’ve also added some sweetened shredded coconut as well (mainly because I ran out of coconut milk!)…Yummy!!!

  5. Kari Kaye says:

    Hi Kuya Vanjo!

    I really love corn and I remember the street vendors who come by our street every afternoon yelling “Maiiiiiiisss!!!”

    I can’t wait to try this recipe because my mom said when I was born, my Dad was in the middle of making Ginataang mais. So he rushed to the hospital with a bowl of ginataang mais for my mom :) it was the first thing she ate after having me. That could be why i love corn so much!

    I really love your recipes and videos. Keep up the good work!

    (By the way, my mom loves your site too!)

  6. Hi:

    I made this recipe for work and everyone loves it…. asking me to cook some more… ngeeek suwerte no? It’s very easy and simple… By the way I made some of your recipe i really enjoyed it too. I love cooking too it’s my passion… Oh well Panlasang Pinoy Your the BOMB!!!!!

  7. This is neat, parang lugaw / maja.
    Mag try ako nito pero di ako fan sa mais, LOL!
    Maka try na then pakain ko sa mga anak ko.

  8. Hi! Can you share the recipe for Ginataang Bilo-bilo? It has sticky balls in it. I believe it’s made of rice. Not sure though. Thanks.

  9. cinnamon says:

    kuya,same ba ito ng ginataang saging at kamote with sago?if not pwd mag-request ng recipe.XD…more power!!!thanks

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