A Simple Filipino Breakfast

This is my simple Filipino breakfast: Pandesal with tender juicy red hotdogs, and fried eggs. The one that I missed among the three was the tender juicy red hotdogs. Even if red hotdogs are available in some Filipino stores (most of which are imitated), nothing beats the authentic red hotdogs that were made in the Philippines. As for the pandesal, I can bake it anytime because of our Pandesal recipe while the eggs are always available anywhere.

I had this meal during my fifth day in Manila. Since my body clock has not adjusted yet, I am always awake during the wee hours of the morning. It was 4:30 am when I decided to walk to the local bakery to purchase some pandesal. It made me smile when I saw the freshly baked pandesal, kababayan, monay, Spanish bread, and other types of bread -some which are totally new to me. I said to myself “wow, I missed these stuff…I am really in the Philippines…I must make the most out of this for it won’t be that long before I leave again”.

The pandesal has 2 sizes: the large and the small. The small ones are really small; the length is just a few millimeters over the diameter of an Oreo cookie and it sells for about Php 1.50 a piece. The large ones, on the other hand, are what you see in the picture. I can’t say that they are large enough though but 3 to 4 pieces can satisfy my appetite. As for the price, I got them for Php 3.00 a piece.

Filipino Breakfast

My dad knows that we missed the tender juicy red hotdogs so much that is why he bought several kilos of those and reserved them in the freezer. I cook hotdogs the way I cook tocino and longaniza. How do I do it? I simply boil a cup or two of water and add some cooking oil in it (don’t worry, it won’t spatter right away since it only happens if you add water to hot oil) then I put-in the hotdogs and wait until the water evaporates. You will know that its time to get back to the stove when you hear the crackling sound of the cooking oil. When this happens, I just roll the hotdogs for a few minutes then I’m done. And yes, I always top my pandesal sandwich with my favorite banana ketchup.

What is your simple Filipino Breakfast like? Is it something served with sinangag (garlic fried rice) such as tuyo, tocino, longanisa, or beef tapa? Perhaps it is porridge like champorado, arroz caldo, or goto?

Whatever it is (they are), I love to hear your answers. Let me know your thoughts and opinions.


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  1. good evening..pls. show how to make pancake just like at pancake house .. thanks very much

  2. Annie6854 says:

    Hi, Mr. Merano. I really like your recipes. Keep up the good work. Quick question, what kind of bread crumbs brand do you use for your pan de sal recipe? All I can see in the grocery stores are those that are used to coat meats. I’m frustrated. I can’t make pan de sal until now. Please help. Thanks in a million. God bless.


  3. Margaret says:

    Favorite Filipino breakfast? :) That’d have to be Fried Tuyo and Sinangag with fresh tomato slices on the side. 😀

    Every time I travel… that’s my first meal when I get back home. Nothing welcomes you in more than a pinoy breakfast.

  4. Alex R says:

    I was in the Philippines for the first time in Dec. 2008- Jan. 2009. And almost every day, my son and I would wake up to the smell of garlic fried rice, longanisa, eggs, pandesal, and Nescafe ;). I loved every second of that trip to the home land. And long for the day we can go back. It would be nice to be able to get the red hotdogs in the States, to recreate that feeling.

    • Esther C says:

      yes, they do sell red hotdogs here where I live in all the filipino stores, either they sell by weight(lbs.) or already packed frozen..check out all the filipino stores around you. they even sell purefoods red hotdogs.

      i live in the filipino store

  5. As a cebuana gal, i miss breakfast with danggit and vinegar, fried egg, and fried rice…sometimes Pospas or arroz caldo or champorado paired with any dried fish…..it was heaven as i remember it.

  6. Cezkyut says:

    my favorite breakfast while i was in Manila is fried tuyo with kamatis and fried rice. I’m not really a coffee drinker but I love eating tuyo with Nescafe instant coffee (brewed coffee are too strong for me). my secind fave is red hotdog and cooked sliced ham with pandesal. ayeee i miss Phils.

  7. I miss this, I wish they have some red hotdogs here in NY :-(
    I loved the fried eggs, still runny and just mushed them in my rice. Then the tocino or chorizo with it. Breakfast like that would make me happy :-)

    • Esther C says:

      filipino stores sells red hotdog here in Jersey, they sell either by weight or packed frozen…check filipino stores around your area or if they don’t have available you can talk to the owner and request it to get it for you, I do that here where I live specially I know the owners of the store already.

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