Chicharon Bulaklak

They say that one of the age defying secrets is eating Chicharon Bulaklak; of course, they’re all joking.

Chicharon Bulaklak are crispy pork intestines. These are deep fried in oil or pork lard and are eaten as appetizers or beer food (“pulutan”). Eating this food is not healthy at all. In fact, this has a lot of fat and cholesterol content which can trigger or cause hypertension and heart attack – it was the punch line of the joke.

But why do people still eat it even if they know that it is a potential killer? I can only think of one reason: it is incomparably good. As the saying goes “Most of the good stuff is bad for you”; this is no exception.

Chicharon Bulaklak

Chicharon bulaklak can be considered as a street food. Although not peddled directly on the streets, small chicharon stands can be found on sidewalks selling chicharon bulaklak, adobong mani, and other chicharon products.

Maybe these sayings can help you control your Chicharon Bulaklak intake. I know that this is so good especially when dipped in spicy vinegar, but we should take things in moderation. Try to ponder on these quotes before indulging:

“Too much of everything is bad for you”

“Take everything in moderation”

I can’t resist Chicharon Bulaklak so I make sure to consume a safe portion occasionally.

Always eat (and drink) responsibly!


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  1. seejork says:

    “I can’t resist Chicharon Bulaklak so I make sure to consume a safe portion occasionally (good thing there are occasions every week).” – PP

    super like…all thumbs up ; )

  2. yannie says:


  3. ummm,,so yummy!

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