Longsilog: Something Heavy for Breakfast

Care for some Longsilog? As much as I would like to share this with you, I already consumed everything this morning for breakfast. Don’t fret; I can still share the recipe of longganisa and sinangag so that you can make your own meal.


I activated a poll (see sidebar for details) two weeks ago and I asked this question: what type of food do you usually eat for breakfast. The choices were rice, bread, cereals, and fruits. Based on the given choices, which do you think got the most votes? If you have rice in mind, then you are correct. Filipinos and most Asians in general love to eat rice in almost every meal. Rice provides more energy and keeps us full and focused longer.

Longsilog is a short for Longganisa (Filipino sausage), Sinangag (garlic rice), at itlog (fried egg). This is my idea of a heavy breakfast. If I am in the mood, this can be heavier than it looks. I’m talking about three more sausages and an extra cup of garlic rice. Seems like brunch isn’t it? But, it is not.

Eating heavy breakfast gives me the energy that I need to start my morning right; it also keeps me focused on my morning tasks. Did I also mention that eating regular heavy breakfast can boost your metabolism? What did you have for breakfast today?


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  1. I miss having rice for breakfast!! I hope it’s that easy to find longonisa from where I am now.

    Watchin your videos is like my sleeping pills at night..

    keep it up..

  2. awww that longganisa looks lonely. where are its brothers?

  3. i love rice for breakfast! all of our traditional Filipino ulams with breakfast, count me in. then there’s leftovers, adding a lil bit of sauce to the sinangag, etc. HEAVEN.

    i’ve been following your Youtube vids and your blog for over a year now and i really enjoy them. thanks for sharing, don’t worry, i’ll keep on coming back :)


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