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Nilagang Baboy Made Me Feel Warm Today

It is getting colder this past weeks. Autumn is definitely making a statement. I was thinking of something to cook for lunch this morning as I unpack all my fall sweaters and apparel. I have one issue though; I haven’t got anything to cook. It has been four days since my last visit to the grocery store and all I have are a few pounds of pork belly and some vegetables.

I want to have something hot for lunch. A soup maybe or some congee – suddenly, Nilaga (boiled meat) crossed my mind. I needed to check my inventory to ensure that I have all the necessary ingredients – good thing I have more than expected.

Pork belly, potatoes, Napa Cabbage, pork broth, and a little fish sauce is all I needed and all of them are within my reach. As I search my vegetable drawer, I saw half a bunch of spinach sitting around. I don’t have any plans to use it in any dish for this week so I thought of placing it in my Nilagang Baboy (Boiled pork soup) instead of letting it wilt. The dish came out great and it made me feel warm, as expected.

Note: This article is for the What’s Cookin category wherein I blog about simple dishes that I am serving for my family. I’m sure that some of you might want to know about the recipe of Nilagang Baboy. Don’t worry; you can always refer to our Nilagang Baka (Beef Nilaga) recipe. You may substitute beef with pork and feel free to use either Napa Cabbage or Bok Choy (or pechay); it is all up to you.

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