Turkey Sandwich

Turkey Sandwich is another good idea for your kid’s school lunch. Turkey meat is rich in protein and low in fat. This can help supply your child’s daily protein requirement by a huge percentage.

There are two kinds of turkey meat that you can use. The common and most available is the deli turkey meat. This can be bought in your local deli shop or grocery and is always available whole year long. The other type of meat is the one carved from roasted turkey. You can only grab hold of this type of meat after you roast a turkey. Although some groceries sell this type of meat, it is not as common as the deli turkey meat.

It is the time of the year when turkey becomes the most favorite ingredient. After thanksgiving dinner, Turkey sandwich will once again be a common school and work lunch until the entire left-over is consumed.

It is a fact that turkey meat is not as tasty as chicken or ham. Make sure to include tasty condiments or sauces to make your turkey sandwich more enjoyable. While spreading mayonnaise and cheese might help for deli turkey meat, spreading some cranberry sauce or jam and a little gravy will make roasted turkey sandwich tastier.

How do you make your turkey sandwich tastier?

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