Product Review: KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

Kitchen Aid’s Artisan Series Stand Mixer is one of the best kitchen equipments that I have. This stand mixer is unlike any other; it is durable, dependable, and always does a great job.

I have used other stand mixers before I got my KitchenAid KSM150PSWH 5-Qt. Artisan Series with Pouring Shield
. I never really paid attention to the good reviews thinking that they are all for marketing purposes. However, all my doubts disappeared when I started using it. I did not realize that KitchenAid Stand Mixer makes mixing and kneading very fast and easy. It has a unique mixing action wherein the beater spins clockwise as the shaft spins the opposite direction. This enables the beater to move around several directions which makes blending thorough. I also don’t need to hold and rotate the bowl while mixing. This makes me complete other important things while mixing or kneading. By the way, it is up to you to select your desired speed from the 10 speed options. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

Another cool feature that I love is the versatility of this mixer. Imagine: I can attach different accessories for different purposes. Good thing, three of the tools that I always use come-in with the package: flat beater, dough hook, and professional wire whisk.

I use the flat beater when I make cakes or cookies. It does not really matter how much dough you put in the 5 qt stainless steel bowl because this machine is equipped with 325 watts or power. This enables the mixing of larger amounts of dough possible.

The biggest time and effort saving element of this machine is the dough hook. I do not need to tire myself anymore when kneading the dough for Siopao and Pandesal. All I do is attach the dough hook and set the speed to low.

Aside from the three attachments that come with the package, optional attachments can also be purchased. Two of the attachments that I enjoy using are the pasta press attachment (which helps me a lot in making my own pasta) and the sausage stuffer attachment (I use this when I make Longganisa or any type of sausage).

Overall, I would say that I am very satisfied with the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer and I highly recommend this product.

There are more than 20 colors to choose from. Check out your favorite color.


  1. jan says

    It’s really very reliable especially on my siopao… great help! no problems at all since I have it in 2005.

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