What Filipino Foods are Famous in Your Hometown

What Filipino Foods are Famous in Your Hometown?

The Philippines is a paradise composed of more than 7,000 islands. These islands are classified under three main island groups: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The island groups are home to cities and municipalities – each having their own culinary history and special signature dishes.

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Similar to the country, Filipino Food has a rich history and countless influences. As early as the pre-Hispanic times, it has been documented that Filipino Foods were prepared by steaming, roasting, and boiling. The meat ingredients that they use that time are similar to the ones we use today: water buffalo meat, beef, chicken, pork, and seafood were the most common – not to mention exotic ingredients like snakes and monitor lizards (bayawak).

Foreign spices and cooking methods were introduced, come the colonization period, by both the colonizers and traders. Different new varieties of vegetables, herbs, and fruits were brought-in and domesticated. The introduction of new ingredients and cooking techniques paved the way for the development of Philippine Cuisine.

Regional Philippine Cuisine’s other influence has something to do with location. People living near the ocean are likely to prepare seafood dishes, compared to those living in mountainous areas. Nearby countries also influences Regional Filipino Dishes.

I tasted almost every Filipino Food from different regions of the Philippines while Growing-up in the Metro Manila. I tried most of them from specialty restaurants that serve authentic regional dishes, while friends that migrated from the provinces shared their regional gastronomic specialties. Although there are some places within Metro Manila that are known for their special dishes and delicacies (such as Malabon’s Pancit Malabon), most of the popular dishes served in Manila are merely variations of dishes popular in the provinces.

I might know how to cook some Filipino dishes, but there are still hundreds or even thousands of regional dishes that I haven’t heard of. How about letting everyone know about some of the popular dishes in your hometown?

We love to hear from you. Where is your hometown? What Filipino foods are famous in your hometown?

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18 thoughts on “What Filipino Foods are Famous in Your Hometown?”

  1. im from camiling Tarlac …well known kami sa chitsaron kawali ng camiling….

  2. Anyway,for me favorite ng aking british bf ang ginataang kalabasa na my hipon at lumpiang gulay,,if i served this menu to him and he said””its very nice food and tasty””,i am very proud to be a filipino.

  3. Well as Vanjo has stated in an Interview Filipino food today has been over looked. As you around the Manila today there so many fastfood and foreign cuisines around. Whicih is not bad. I admit I grew up eating foreign food myself. And I still do from time to time but you know I realized that our own cuisine is rather unique. Now with the many provinces that the Philippines has and also the many influences that the Philippines has had from other countries all I can say that our cuisine is just a blend of wonderful and exotic flavors to explore. If you haven’t noticed then I think you’re in for a treat.

  4. I am from Davao City, durian, pomelo and tuna is famous here… Lola Abon’s durian candies are personal favorites. Golden pomelos are famous pasalubong to relatives outside of Davao City. And recently, I personally met the tuna queen of Davao City, who makes the best tuna pizza and tuna sisig in town… truly proud to be in Davao City!

  5. Pancit Cabagan from Cabagan, Isabela, although I’m originally from Taytay, Rizal.

  6. Hi, Chef PP :) There are several from Bicol here… Great! True, Laing/Pinangat we Bicolanos are well known for that…but nothing can beat the “Bicol Express” yep, we are smoking HOT too & this dish is a bomb shell!!

  7. Proud Ilonggo and proud of the taste of La Paz Batchoy, Pancit Molo, Chicken Binakol and Biscocho of Iloilo… Also, Chicken Inasal and all the sugary treats from Bacolod (Negros Occ)

  8. Definitely my favorite crispy danggit with spicy vinegar, absolutely mouthwatering. I got mine from buwaad.com, check it out guys

  9. HI im a true blooded Bacolodnon, Chicken Inasal is so famous in my hometown. I miz it…

  10. I’m proud to say that for us Dauinanons (Negros Or), famous food would be Humba, Tabios, Isda Kinilaw, Tugnos and Malunggay Soup, yummy<3

  11. I’m proud to announce that Cebu is famous of Danggit (crunchy and not so salted dried fish), combined it with hot plain rice. Ayos na breakfast mo..heheh

  12. I actually made a research on origin of the Filipino food. Interesting to find out that, some of them comes from Latin America not Spain. Obviously, Spanish colonizers travelled to Latin America, and that format was taken by the Spaniards and they traveled to the Philippines after Latin America.
    Lechon is common in Latin America, but not in Spain, they have similar thing in Madrid, but not exactly the same, called Conhinillo de Asado (oven baked suckling pig).
    Sweets are mostly from Spain, but many of them can only be found in X’mas seaon.

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