10 Well Loved Filipino Desserts

Dessert is the last course of the meal; some people consider this as the best part. Well, who wouldn’t? I think that it is — especially if we are talking about Filipino Desserts.

Every time I think of sweets, Leche Flan always appears in my mind. Obviously, it is my favorite. I also grew up enjoying my grandma’s creation, which I think is the best Leche Flan recipe ever. What is your favorite?

During my travels, I make sure to sample famous desserts that each country has to offer. Some were good, while others need an acquired taste. At the end of the day, there is a part of me that still longs for Philippine sweets. Maybe I am just accustomed with our own food, or maybe there is really something extra ordinary about our desserts — I think both; sweets from the Philippines are really awesome.

If I will ask you to name at least ten of your favorite Pinoy sweets, what will they be? If in case you are curious, here are mine.

Filipino Desserts:

Here are 10 of my choices.

1. Leche Flan
2. Maja Blanca
3. Yema
4. Ube Halaya
5. Buko Salad
6. Polvoron
7. Pastillas
8. Cassava Cake
9. Biko
10.Buko Pandan

It is now your turn. What Filipino Desserts do you love most?


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  1. virginita mayell says:

    hi panlasang pinoy,
    thanksfor your website i make yema for the first time, and i love it, once again thank you very much,
    all the best to you
    from vie in uk

  2. i enjoyed so much watching and learning videos of panlasang pinoy, more power!

  3. almira says:

    Kuya may recipe ka ba ng scones? request lang… ang dami kasi recipe sa internet not sure kung alin ba dun yun approved pinoy style.

  4. Here are my favorites

    leche flan
    fruit salad
    ube halaya
    halo halo
    sapin sapin
    brazo de mercedes

    hhhmmmmm i am now dreaming of these delicious desserts. It is 8:36 am on a friday morning here in cloudy seattle. Thinking of these desserts is not a good way to start a weekend as far as my health is concerned. But life is short……celebrate LIFE. happy friday to all.

  5. mary grace says:

    my list:
    buko/fruit salad
    turon with langka
    haleyang ube
    leche flan
    minatamis na saging/kamote
    inutak with ice cream
    sans rival
    brazo de mercedes

  6. – puto calasiao
    – sapin-sapin
    – guinataang halo halo
    – biko
    – buko pandan
    – pichi-pichi
    – ube halaya
    – halo-halo
    – turon/ banana or camote-q
    – peanut brittle

  7. macel says:

    Fresh fruit salad (not canned ones) always tops my list 😀

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