Everything You Need to Know About Detox Diet

Detox diet is a short-term diet plan that usually lasts between 3 to 21 days. Its main objective is to flush out unwanted toxins from the body. The body is in a constant state of detoxification, but increased toxin levels as well as stress tend to slow down this process. As a result, the body stores up a lot of harmful toxins, and these contribute to the body’s vulnerability to diseases, weakened organ functions, aging, and inability to heal quickly.

A detox diet helps the body rid itself completely of toxins, and along with a cleaner body, you will also enjoy better health, higher energy levels, and improved digestion. Some studies also link the detox diet to increased concentration, better mood, freedom from allergies, and improved resistance to the usual colds and flu. Not only that, but you will also find yourself aging gradually and gracefully.

Do You Need the Detox Diet?

But how do you know if it’s time to detoxify? There are certain symptoms that signal higher levels of toxicity in the body. Have you been feeling inexplicably tired lately? Adrenal weakness, fatigue, and low blood pressure are signs that the body is highly toxic. This means that the adrenal glands are completely depleted and should therefore be replenished.

Detox DietAlso, the detox diet is not safe for everyone. Those who are anemic or diabetic as well as pregnant women, for example, are advised to avoid this diet. If they need to detox, this should be done under close supervision.

Different Types of Detox Diets

There are many types of detox diets, so you can choose which one you need the most. They do have many singularities, such as the elimination of foods that contain harmful compounds that add to the body’s toxicity levels, and the increase of foods that aids in the body’s natural ability to detox itself. Also, detox diets usually limit the amount of food intake, keeping meals smaller to give the body enough time to digest. Here are your choices.

Lemonade Diet

This detox diet requires you to drink only lemonade mixed with grade B maple syrup and cayenne pepper. You will see a lot of herbs in most detox diets because herbs help replenish the adrenal glands.

Juice Fasting

In this detox diet, you are only allowed to consume fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

Smoothie Diet

If you find juice fasting a little lacking of texture, you can go for smoothies and shakes. Just puree some vegetables and fruits, and make thick, textured smoothies out of them. A blender will come in handy while you’re on this diet.

Raw Food Diet

The raw food diet also works as a detox diet. This involves eating raw, natural, and fresh foods or foods heated at under 118 degrees.

Ayurvedic Detox – This diet uses an ayurvedic cleansing plan advocates call the pancha karma.
Commercial detox programs – There are also commercial cleanse programs available, which give you readymade protein powders that you can easily make into shakes as well as vitamins and nutrients supplements that improve natural detoxification.

What A Detox Diet Does Not Do

Before you begin your detox diet, it’s not enough to know what it can do. It should also be clear to you what a detox diet cannot do. A detox diet cannot possibly cure an existing disease, but they can help your body work better so it can stand a better chance against the disease.

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