How Healthy is The Caveman Diet?

The mere mentioning of caveman diet already rouses anxiety to a lot of people. It leaves an impression that this might not be based on modern nutrition so the new discoveries on health and diet might not be incorporated in it. However, this is actually a good diet which can be beneficial for your health.

When you think about it, the diet during the prehistoric times is solely dependent on lean meat consumption which do not have high amount of fat, cholesterol, preservatives and other artificial ingredients. These days, a lot of people are suffering from obesity and cardiovascular problems because of all the unhealthy ingredients that are included in our diet. The caveman diet will bring us back to the times when men are able to sustain their nutritional needs by just eating purely natural food.

Core Essence of The Caveman Diet

This paleolithic diet is a powerful option which does not only help you lose weight. This will also renew the amount of energy that you can use up for your daily activities. At the same time, it also makes your body stronger.

The caveman diet means mimicking the way people from the olden times eat. This means limiting the food that you eat only to meat from animals that are raised organically and consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables. In the olden times, people do not even milk their animals to create cheese, yogurt and other dairy products. So these are not part of the diet. Eating eggs is allowed though since these are also among the available food during the prehistoric period.Caveman Diet

Another thing is that cavemen do not have fire and complex food preparation processes yet. They eat most of the fruits and vegetables in raw state. On the other hand, if you are going to follow this diet, you can prepare meat with minimal cooking.

The consumption of meat, fruits and vegetables can already supply the nourishment needed by the body. In fact, it would not make you feel hungry. Since your body only absorbs nutrients and no harmful chemicals and body toxins, you will be able function better.

Positive Effects of the Caveman Diet

Increase Energy and Reduced Weight

Ingesting purely natural foods will reduce the amount of harmful fat that your body takes in. At the same time, your body will be able to burn and consume the fat that is stored in your body. Since vegetables and fruits are packed with vitamins and minerals, you will also find yourself even more energetic.


The fiber in fruits and vegetables acts like a broom that will sweep all stored toxins in your body. With increased amount of fiber in your diet, you will be able to expel harmful toxins in the process.

Better Mental and Physical Performance

Since there are less fat and unnatural ingredients in the food you eat, you would have better blood circulation. The effective delivery of oxygen to the brain and other parts of the body allows you to function better. Less harmful toxins will also enable you to improve the cognitive part of your brain.


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