Triglycerides Diet

Triglycerides Diet for a Healthy Heart

Triglycerides are needed by the body to be able to sustain the energy that it needs everyday. However, high amount of triglyceride have serious health repercussions, like poor cardiovascular performance which would lead to stroke, heart attack or in some cases, diabetes.

For decades, all the blame goes to high cholesterol when it comes to various cardiovascular diseases. Yes, cholesterol is considered as the primary culprit but much attention has to be focused on high level of triglycerides too. Even the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has cited that people who have high triglyceride level are 2 to 3 times more likely to have heart ailments even if their cholesterol level is low. That is why, triglycerides diet is an effective way of maintaining the health of the circulatory system.

Triglycerides make the amount of fat in the bloodstream go more then the ideal level. When this happens, the person may suffer from astherosclerosis and other heart diseases. The heart fails to pump blood efficiently and arteries are no longer able to transport blood throughout the body. Such problems may be avoided or alleviated by switching to triglycerides diet.

Why should you opt for triglycerides diet if there are available medications? Despite the medical advancements these days, it is best to resort to the natural way of reducing triglyceride levels because the medications may have some side effects. According to the American Heart Association, taking meds should only be done for severe cases and if all natural methods have failed. Aside from those reasons, there is no point in shoving meds into your body to lower triglyceride level if you continue to eat unhealthy foods.

Triglycerides Diet
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What Should Be in Your Triglycerides Diet?

You might easily assume that fat is the primary thing that you need to cut. It is true that the amount of fat that you eat has to be lowered but the primary aspect that you need to focus on is the sugar content in your diet. Sugar is mainly utilized by the body as source of energy. Problem is, when there is too much of this in the food you eat, the digestive system can not process it anymore. This leads to formation and storage of fat. Excessive fat can also go along with the blood stream which triggers heart problems.

Omega-3 fatty acid intake has to be increased. This promotes better blood circulation, avoids hardening of the arteries and prevents blockage formation. This can be obtained from fish like mackerel, tuna and other cold-water fish.

The triglycerides diet should also contain high amount of fiber. This can be obtained from fruits and vegetables. Fiber is effective when it comes to detoxifying the body. It will help your digestive system expel the toxins, enabling all your other systems to function better. When the body is cleansed, avoiding other health problems is easier.

Another important aspect when it comes to lowering triglycerides is to reduce or completely avoid alcoholic beverages, particularly beer. It is also imperative to stay away from processed meat, fast food meals, artificial flavoring and other chemical ingredients.

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