How the Lemonade Diet Works

The Lemonade Diet involves staying away from eating food for a time, in order to lose weight. This means weight loss is rapid, and it should be noted that this diet is only meant to be followed for a short time before a balanced food intake is required.
People following the Lemonade Diet consume a drink which is made up of lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. You can also have herbal teas which have a laxative effect, and participants are also supposed to do salt water flushes to get rid of toxins from their bodies.

The cleansing effect

The Lemonade Diet is based on the assumption that we all carry around a lot of waste in our digestive system and that by ridding our bowel of all that, our systems will function better and we will lose weight more easily as a result. Quite often the waste products have been in our bodies for a long time and will be hard to shift, which is why the radical Lemonade Diet advises the laxatives and flushes, to get right to the center of the reason why many people find it so difficult to lose weight in the first place. Once the body has been cleansed, then more rapid weight loss will follow.

The maple syrup provides some calories from sugar, and the lemon juice has some vitamins plus works as a diuretic to expel excess water from the body. The cayenne pepper has a cleansing effect on the bowel and stimulates the body to get rid of waste matter which may have been causing unpleasant side effects in the body for years.

Other effects on the body

Lemonade diet

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People taking part in the Lemonade Diet say that after the initial period of getting used to the strict regime, they experience a significant lift in their energy levels and this in itself gives them the drive to go on to lose more weight. For someone who has been overweight for a long time and despaired of finding a diet which will do the trick, the Lemonade Diet can be a drastic but effective kick start for their weight loss campaign.

Who is suited to the Lemonade Diet?

People who are used to yo-yoing up and down in their weight may find the Lemonade Diet particularly helpful in giving them a boost for the first few days of their diet, before going on to a low calorie, balanced diet.

What happens during and after the diet?

The Lemonade Diet encourages a period of reflection on previous unhealthy dietary habits and gives the dieter time to plan their future wellbeing. They can spend time looking at what they have been doing to their bodies, cleanse their system, and then restart eating with a healthy regime which will take care of their bodies rather than abusing it with unhealthy food choices.
The length of time recommended for the Lemonade Diet is ten days, with many people choosing to stay on it for longer, especially if they have a lot of weight to lose and their digestive system is especially toxic. Thirty days is not unheard of in some extreme circumstances and rapid weight loss is experienced during this period.


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    The lemonade diet can really get you back into the habit of eating healthier foods. You’ll notice certain cravings for junk and fast food significantly decrease after the detox. I know many people who have used it as a jump start into a vegetarian regimen. It’s also a great way to shed that extra hard to burn fat.

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