Health Benefits of Avocado

Avocado is a great fruit, especially if you’re planning to take it as a fruit shake. It’s mostly known as a summer fruit, and is native in Mexico and some parts of Asia. Did you also know that there are plenty of health benefits of avocado? While this fruit is truly calorie-filled, it’s still considered a “power food” because of the many good things it can do for your body.

Cancer prevention

One of the best health benefits of avocado is that it can help prevent prostate, breast and oral cancer. The fruit has oleic acid and other compounds which help to prevent the growth of pre-cancerous cells. These compounds can kill the bad cells, too, without harming the healthy ones.

Eye care

If you want to keep your eyes healthy, you should always consume foods that contain carotenoid lutein. Avocado has more of this substance than any other fruits. This is the reason why people who want good eyesight can enjoy one of the best health benefits of avocado. All you have to do is to eat at least a slice of this fruit everyday and you should be able to enjoy its full benefits.

Better heart health

Those who are prone to heart ailments would be glad to know that one of the health benefits of avocado is that it can lower one’s cholesterol levels. This means that you’ll have a healthier heart in general. This also lessens the possibility of strokes. Avocado also has a lot of folate, glutathione, vitamin E, and monounsaturated fats which could all promote better circulation, and better skin health.

Health Benefits of Avocado

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Better nutrient absorption

Even if you eat a lot of healthy food, and if you take in multivitamin supplements, it’s all for naught if you can’t assure good nutrient absorption. One of the health benefits of avocado can solve this problem. As long as you eat avocado every day, you should be able to absorb enough vitamins and minerals. Once your body gets better at nutrient absorption, you’ll be less prone to colds and other common ailments.

Best avocado sources

Avocado is easily available in supermarkets and fruit stands as long as it’s in season. Unfortunately, this is not a fruit that grows all-year-round, but it’s easily found during summertime. The healthiest preparation for this fruit is raw and unprocessed. Simply take a whole fruit, slice it in half, take the pit out, and scoop out the meat. Some dieters are concerned about the calories found in avocado so they only eat a sliver of the fruit meat.

Other preparations

Avocado can also be prepared as a fresh fruit shake. Usually, it’s blended with sugar and milk. However, fruits already have naturally occurring sugars, so if you want the full benefits of this fruit you will minimize the sugar in your fruit shake. In some countries, avocado is so popular that it’s even turned into ice cream. You can also make guacamole out of avocados, a popular Mexican dip.

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