How Does the Smoothie Diet Work?

When taking part in the Smoothie Diet you have hand blended smoothies of fruits and vegetables rather than your usual meals and normally this is all you would have for up to ten days. Some people prefer to replace one or two meals a day with smoothies and then have one healthy balanced meal a day.

In terms of calories, you can decide for yourself what to put in your smoothies, depending in how quickly you expect to lose weight, but a Smoothie Diet of around 1200 calories will ensure you lose weight quickly and safely, and you will still be able to go about your daily business. Shop ahead so you have all your ingredients ready and you can take your smoothies to work or out and about with you.

Who it is the Smoothie Diet for?

The Smoothie Diet is ideal for people who need to lose quite a lot of weight in a short time and can work well for those wanting to cut down on carbohydrates. It gives your body a chance to cleanse itself after possibly years of having to deal with processed, chemically laden food, or perhaps a diet which is high in sugar and fat. The digestive system gets a rest and as a result people on the Smoothie Diet report feelings of new found energy and a healthier outlook on life.Smoothie Diet

What should you expect?

For many people who have not experienced hunger for many years, or ever, the first few days of the Smoothie Diet are a revelation. However to experience hunger for the first time in a while can be an invigorating experience and helps participants to understand that they do not need to fill their bellies all the time in order to get on with the daily requirements of life. Having a break from large unhealthy meals gives people a chance to reflect on what they are doing to their digestive systems and enables people to plan a more healthy way of life once the Smoothie Diet has come to its natural conclusion.

How should you prepare your body?

The Smoothie Diet does not involve denying the body of essential nutrients, as smoothies are generally healthy and balanced, when prepared with care. It is advised that the Smoothie Diet is introduced into your eating plan gradually, especially if you are used to a lot of meat, as you will be replacing your normal food with fruit and with vegetables for the duration of the Smoothie Diet. Gradually up the amount of fruit and vegetables you consume for about a week beforehand, rather than stopping your regular food suddenly and going straight onto the Smoothie Diet.

You should also increase the amount of water you drink every day to at 2 liters a day. Quite often people think they are hungry when actually their body craves water, so fulfil this need and drink as much water as you can. This will clear out your digestive system and make your hair and skin glow.

What happens afterwards?

Once you have been on the Smoothie Diet, you should come off it gradually and don’t suddenly introduce a high meat regime to your system, or you may experience unpleasant side effects. You should aim for small, regular, healthy meals to maintain your weight loss.


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