Does the Raw Food Diet have Negative Health effects?

The Raw Food Diet is a low calorie diet which is often followed by vegans and vegetarians, but not exclusively so. Most people follow this diet because they want to lose weight, but also because they want to improve their health and they want to have less negative impact on the environment.

Is raw food good for you?

Taking part in the Raw Food Diet can be good for you in that raw food it thought to have more natural nutrients left in them than cooked foods and by not having cooked meals you are more likely to consume fewer calories and therefore get slimmer quicker. The diet is based on a theory which has been around for over 200 years. The concept of eating food which has not been processed, irradiated, had exposure to chemicals or otherwise been altered in an unnatural way, is very attractive to people who are increasingly fed up with the quality of food available to them.

Can you lose weight eating raw food?

It has been shown that this diet generally leads people to eat around half of the calories they would normally have in a day. Eating mainly food with plant origins, people on the Raw Food Diet eat foods that are never heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Dairy is therefore unpasteurized, fish and meat are generally raw or extremely rare and organic products are preferred. Oils are cold pressed, such as olive and coconut. People following this diet consume a lot of vegetable juices, smoothies and herbal teas.Raw Food Diet Effects

What negative effects are there?

It has been shown that far from having negative effects, eating on the Raw Food Diet actually have benefits in terms of lowering cholesterol and for heart health and blood pressure. The associated weight loss can alleviate symptoms of diabetes or prevent it occurring.

Any negative effects would occur in the area of food hygiene, where is raw foods are not washed and stored correctly, food poisoning could occur, so correct rules must be applied for looking after raw food in a safe way. It is also worth considering that the very young or the very old are sometimes more susceptible to illnesses associated with raw or very undercooked foods. Children and young people who are still growing need a balanced diet and a restricted diet such as the Raw Food Diet may not always give them everything they need.

Is it possible to have a balanced diet using raw food?

The good news about the Raw Food Diet is that the low fat aspect means good weight loss for consumers, and those that are eaten are the healthier kind, or unsaturated. For those who worry about getting enough protein, green leafy vegetables, legumes, grains and seeds are all rich sources of healthy protein. Calcium is obtained through raw foods such as kale, apricots and quinoa. The high fiber element of the Raw Food Diet is good news for those who like to feel full after their meals and fiber is very beneficial for a healthy digestive system. If you are worried about getting the full complement of nutrients on the Raw Food Diet, take a multivitamins while you are on it.


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