Best Catering Courses for Aspiring Caterers

Catering is a whole new field on its own. This may seem closely similar to culinary but the truth is, it requires a different kind of specialty. Catering involves a unique set of expertise and skills. Apart from knowing how to cook the dishes, it also requires knowledge on how to assemble menus, handle the services during the event, logistics, costing and other aspects. Where should you begin if you want to endeavor into the catering business?

Getting catering courses will set you on the right foot. To ensure that you are geared up for the business, it is important to enroll in one of the most revered schools which specialize in the field of catering.

Knowing the Available Courses

Institutions and schools may label their programs differently which is why others think that there are no available courses for catering. Do not be easily confused by the names, but instead, look closely into the curriculum to be able to identify if you are on the right track.

Programs such as Catering Secrets Course, Food Safety and Sanitation Course and Cost Control in Food Servicecourse are all preparations for the catering world. These programs will cover the basic techniques when working in the kitchen, food presentation, costing and even events planning. Since catering also involves hiring manpower and preparing quotations, these courses will also familiarize students with such areas.

Catering Courses

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For more in-depth knowledge, there are other catering-oriented courses such as Commercial Food Preparation Course, Menu Design and Marketing Course, Buffet Catering Course and Management of Food and Beverage Purchasing Course. These ones provide more extensive learning. Plus, it also exposes students to actual training so they can venture into hotelier, restaurant management and events handling.

Right Place to Enroll

Whether you want to apply for an established catering company or set-up your own business, enrolling in one of the top schools with the best catering courses is the key to success.

The Art Institutes offer great programs which are designed specifically for catering. For non-degree catering courses, they have certificate and diploma for culinary arts. For broader learning, they also offer programs such as Associate in Restaurant and catering Management, Associate in Hospitality Management, Bachelor in Hotel and Restaurant Management and Bachelor in Food and Beverage Management.

Le Cordon Bleu also have excellent catering courses, ranging from certificate and diploma courses to associate’s and bachelor’s degree. This school has the most easily accessible programs because of their multiple branches within the US. Aside from their hospitality and Management course, they also have Culinary Management.

DeVry University has also made a name when it comes to providing first-rate education regarding catering. Students who have graduated from either their bachelor’s or master’s degree are equipped with the knowledge and skills that they need to enter the catering industry. Their classroom-based program is Hospitality Management and they also offer online courses.

The great news is that these days, there are plenty of options for students to pursue higher learning in catering. Aside from the in-campus catering courses, there are also online programs which allow flexibility and convenience.


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