Lemonade Diet

Pros and Cons of the Lemonade Diet

There are pros and cons with every type of diet and the Lemonade Diet is no different in that respect. Below are the positive and negative effects of this diet:


Lose a lot of weight in a short period of time

For people who have been advised to get weight off for health reasons or because they have finally had enough of their weight, the Lemonade Diet represents a quick start for their campaign. It is possible to get rid of tens of pounds in thirty days of the Lemonade Diet, and even in the minimum time recommended, which is ten days; participants have reported losses of more than 10lbs.

It delivers what it promises

It is important to note that the Lemonade Diet is not a long term regime, but it does what it says on the tin for short periods and can assist people with a lot to lose get a confidence boost for losing weight effectively. It has been used successfully by a number of celebrities, including Beyoncé who famously lost an amazing 22 lbs in 10 days. The fact that it has been around for 50 years suggests the Lemonade Diet has worked for thousands of people, and in fact it follows in the tradition of short periods of fasting and cleansing which has been an accepted health practice in ancient cultures for many thousands of yearsLemonade Diet


Lack of calories

Not having the usual number of calories can cause people to initially feel faint and fatigued, and if the Lemonade Diet is continued long term there may be some loss of muscle as the body uses up energy from wherever it can. Eating vastly reduced calories for long periods means that when the dieter starts eating ‘normally’ again they may tend to put on weight much quicker as the body stores calories more easily in case a starvation situation comes up again. This is why proponents of the Lemonade Diet say you should only follow it for short periods.

Loss of healthy bacteria from the gut

Critics of the Lemonade Diet say that the saltwater flush element of the program is detrimental to the health of the digestive system, in that all the good bacteria are washed out of the bowel as well as toxic material. Good bacteria are essential for breaking down food and keeping everything moving on its way, so without it, unwelcome toxins can build up again. For this reason is it important to replace the good bacteria with suitable supplements and a healthy diet after the Lemonade Diet saltwater flushes take place.
Stopping suddenly can cause problems

The advice on the Lemonade Diet is always to start eating food slowly, rather than loading up with large meals as soon as the period of the diet is over. Having a huge meal straight after the Lemonade Diet is likely to cause indigestion and possible nausea or vomiting. So the advice is to take it slowly, introducing small, healthy meals, and follow a balanced diet thereon in. Going back to old ways of too much sugar, fat, salt and chemically processed food will not sit well with a digestive system which has been thoroughly cleansed on the Lemonade Diet.

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