Yogurt Health Benefits

Yogurt Health Benefits

How come yogurt always makes it on top of the list of healthy foods? The explanation really is simple and it’s because there is no way to deny all the yogurt health benefits. More importantly, what makes it such a winner is the fact that it is so delicious, it almost seems sinful. But it’s not!

If you find yourself pondering whether or not you should pick up that stack of yogurt in the grocery, just stop contemplating and go ahead with your purchase. Over the past decade, there have been a lot of scientific researches which proves that yogurt has multiple benefits for the body. If you really want to enjoy all the great things that it could bring, a cup or two a day would be great.

Better Digestion

Say goodbye to constipation and other common digestive problems just by regularly having moderated servings of yogurt everyday. Probiotics are the so-called friendly bacteria which is present within the digestive system of humans. This is important in ensuring that every part of the digestive system is functioning properly. Yogurt has high amount of probiotics because of the bacterial cultures in it. Hence, one of the primary yogurt health benefits is its ability to aid in digestion.

Yogurt Health Benefits
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Excellent Calcium Source

Yogurt is so rich in calcium that it can already satisfy 50% of child’s calcium RDA and 30% to 40% of adult’s calcium RDA. This can be achieved by merely having 8 oz. of yogurt everyday. Studies have discovered that yogurt may actually be a better option than milk. It is because yogurt does not only add more calcium to the daily diet but also allows the body to absorb it more efficiently. In effect, it is easier to prevent osteoporosis because proper bone mass is maintained.

Prevention and Cure for Yeast Infection

Candida or yeast infection is a common problem for women, especially those who have diabetes. Yogurt with active culture is an effective way to fight yeast infection and maintain the ideal pH level. It is just important that those who have diabetes should opt for no-sugar or aspartame-sweetened yogurt.

Delicious Way to Diet

Have you always wanted to lose weight? Then, yogurt may be your ticket to take those extra pounds off your body. Among the yogurt health benefits is weight loss because it has good amount of fiber which contributes in making you feel fuller. Because of that, you would not feel starved so easily and you would not end up binging during snacks. Though this would not lower caloric intake, low-fat or fat-free yogurt will enable you to manage your cravings much easier.

Smart Buying

There are different types of yogurt in the market today. To be able to fully enjoy all the amazing yogurt health benefits, you have to be a little careful when choosing which one to buy. Consider your current health condition and pick the one that is most appropriate. Among the things you need to consider include fat content (regular fat, low-fat or fat-free), type of sweetener and presence of active culture and probiotics.

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