HCG Diet Review

The HCG diet is making a big buzz in the health and fitness world these days. Since people are always in a constant search for the easiest and most effective ways on how to lose weight, this is becoming more and more popular. The fame is primarily because of the amazing results that others have experienced. Is this the diet that you have long been waiting for?

Before jumping into the HCG diet, it is best to have a deeper understanding about this program first. That way, you would not end up jeopardizing your health just because you are aiming to lose some extra pounds. HGC stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is the hormone that is naturally produced by the body when a woman is pregnant. Today, this hormone is used to speed up weight loss.

The injection which is included in the HCG diet should be administered by a trusted clinic. It is imperative to ensure first that your health status is fit for this weight loss method. You have to understand that this is not available over the counter. That is why, you personally have to be cautious before opting for this weight loss method.HCG Diet

Aside from the hormone injection, the diet also involves strict eating program which significantly cuts the amount of calorie intake everyday. This means that you would need to monitor the food that you eat daily such that your total calories for the day would only sum up to 500-800. So why do you need the shots if you will be going through a strict meal plan anyway?

The key benefit of the HCG injection is that it acts as an appetite suppressant. For people who find it difficult to stay away from sweets and carbo-loaded food, this is the solution. Plus, you will have less urge to eat more than you are supposed to.

It is important to opt for an HCG diet program which also includes sufficient amount of exercise. Aside from allowing you to lose weight faster, this will also help in keeping regular heartbeat, balancing the electrolytes in the body and pumping up the energy level.

This type of weight loss option is recommended only for people who need to dramatically lose weight due to serious case of obesity. For others who merely need to shed a few pounds or maintain their current weight, this option might not be the perfect one.

Some clinics claim that this diet could result to weight loss of up to 2 pounds per day especially when done in combination with proper exercise and rigid dieting. However, it has to be considered that different types of body can have varying weight loss capacity. For those who do not suffer extreme obesity, 1 to 2 pounds of weight reduction per week is the safest. The best thing to do is to consult a physician before undergoing this type of diet to be able to avoid possible side effects. Another precaution is that pregnant women should not take the shots or go through the diet. If a woman becomes pregnant in the process, the HCG diet should be stopped immediately.


  1. Amelia Barney says:

    If you need to lose weight and have tried almost everything you really should look into giving the hcg diet a try. It takes commitment from you but if you have tried lots of other diets this may be just what you are looking for.

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