Blood Group Diet

The blood group diet is also called the blood type diet. And yes, you guessed it right, this is a weight loss program that is based on the persons blood type. This sounds crazy for some people because they can not seem to see the connection between dieting and blood type. However, advocates of this diet can testify how great its effects are. Will this also help you lose weight? Is there really a logic behind the blood group diet? Apparently, there is. Here are the information that you need to know about blood group diet:

The Basics of the Blood Group Diet

This weight loss program is pioneered by Dr. Peter D’Adamo and he initially introduced it through his book entitled, “Eat Right for Your Blood Type”. It may have roused doubt initially but the moment that Hollywood starts and prominent celebrities started to back up the diet’s claims, this then turned to a major buzz.

To understand it easier, Dr. D’Adamo justifies that each blood type has a different antigen marker which determines how the body will react and process certain nutrients. Hence, it is necessary to tailor the diet according to the blood type of the person. That way, the body can be programmed to absorb certain nutrients much better and allow efficient weight loss.

The blood group diet is not all about inventing a whole new program. Yes, it designates specific types of food according to the person’s blood type but it is all a matter of knowing which ones to eat and which ones to avoid.

Blood Group Diet

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Interestingly, another principle of the blood group diet is that the diet should be based on the
blood type of our ancestors. Dr. D’Adamo believes that our blood types have gone multiple evolutions over the centuries and to ensure that the diet would work, it is important to consider the original types of blood.

Diet for Blood Type O

The goal of people with blood type O is to indulge in foods which have high amount of protein and low in carbohydrates. This is similar to the diet that hunter-gatherer ancestors follow. Hence, the daily diet should be concentrated more on lean meat and fish. Even if dairy products are rich in protein, these are not recommended because of high amount of carbs.

Diet for Blood Type B

People with this blood type would not such a hard time because there are more varieties of food which can be eaten. Our ancestors who are constant travelers have this type of blood. So, the only concern is to eat a balanced diet regularly and stay away from those which have been heavily processed and chemically induced.

Diet for Blood Type A

This is based on our ancestors who focused on farming. People with this type of blood should eat more grain products, fruits and vegetables. Meat is not recommended because this is not easily processed by the digestive system.

Diet for Blood Type AB

It is recommended to eat more vegetables and fruits for people with this type of blood type. Basically, the diet should be a combination of the recommended food for people with blood type A and blood type B. However, since leaning more on vegetarian diet results to more efficient weight loss, eating fish and meat should be regulated too.


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