Associates Degree in Culinary Arts

What is the Associates Degree in Culinary Arts and how does it differ from other types of Culinary Arts programs? Will this enable you to find a job in the culinary field after you graduate?

Just like a bachelor’s culinary arts degree, an associate’s degree is also considered as an undergraduate course. The requirement from different schools and institutions may vary when it comes to the prerequisite. However, there are a whole lot of universities, independent culinary school, community colleges and even non-profit institutions which are certified to give recognition after the course is finished.

An Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts usually involve a myriad of courses which will gear you up to becoming a culinary professional one day. Aside from the basic kitchen skills and cooking skills, such a degree also involve other areas of learning such as chemistry and mathematics. That is because, this type of program will teach you not just to become a good chef but also to be able to manage the various aspects that are involved in culinary.

Associates Degree in Culinary Arts
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You should not mistake an associate’s degree with other levels of learning like a bachelor’s degree, diploma or certificate. This is usually much shorter than a bachelor’s degree but the extent of knowledge is just as far-reaching. The only concern is that there are some employees which require at least a bachelor’s degree for employment. On the other hand, this takes longer than certificate and diploma courses so you will be able to learn more.

What should you expect when you take an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts?

Associates Degree in Culinary Arts will first introduce you to the basic skills and knowledge. Then, things would be taken to a notch higher so you can also acquire in-depth learning.

Among the basic teachings included in the Associates Degree in Culinary Arts are sanitation, food safety, cutlery, fusion cooking, international cuisines, meal preparation and basic food presentation. These aspects will be dealt with during the first phase of the course. It will also prepare you for the more complex topics which will follow.

In-depth focus of Associates Degree in Culinary Arts involve knowing more about wines, specializing in a particular cuisine, focusing on a certain aspect of culinary, managing the kitchen, budgeting and costing, inventory and those are just a few. These are the skills which you might not need as a newbie chef but would certainly come handy once you climb up the ladder and become the supervisor or the boss.

What are the job opportunities after completing an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts?

Some people who have graduated from the associate culinary arts degree opt to pursue higher learning. On the other hand, there are those who venture into apprenticeship or internship. It is a good choice to always get you acquainted to the real world by landing on a real job. You can use your acquired knowledge and skills before pursuing advance education. It will also hone your skills and increase the amount of knowledge that you know. It is also an opportunity to learn things that are not taught in school.

Graduates of this degree can qualify for entry level to mid-level positions in a hotel, restaurant and other food establishments. Positions include commis (start-up chef), swing cook, kitchen assistant, apprentice fry chef, and apprentice grill chef.

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