Executive Chef Training Overview

Chef training is no joke but the good thing is that, this is not an impossible feat so long as there is determination and passion for the craft. For people who aspire to become an executive chef one day, sufficient amount of hard work and patience will make everything come true in no time.

Training to Become Executive Chef

It has to be noted that becoming the head chef is something that would not happen overnight. That is why, there is no reason to feel disheartened once a person do not instantly land on head chef position right after graduation.

Degree and School—The chef training begins the moment that a program is selected. The school to enroll into and the course to take will determine what will happen next in the future. Though it is not a general rule, bigger establishments and reputable hotels or restaurants usually prioritize considering graduates from top culinary schools when they are looking for an executive chef. Aside from that, they also prefer those who have a bachelor’s degree, associate degree or master’s degree in culinary arts.

Apprenticeship—Another important step in reaching the executive chef position is to become an apprentice for a renowned chef or a recognized institution. This will serve as an exposure to the real culinary world, the one that exists beyond the realms of the school. This will enrich one’s knowledge because the actual experiences are usually not written on the books.

Kitchen Ranks—The best executive chefs are those who really went through the various kitchen ranks. It is because they know all the nooks and crannies of the profession and they have immersed themselves into the system. It does not mean that if a person starts as a chef assistant, he/she will remain in that position forever. It is a matter of elevating one’s knowledge and skills to be able to go up the ladder.Executive Chef Training Overview

Sous Chef—Being a sous chef means being second in command to the head chef. This is a position that is entrusted to people who have the potential to lead, supervise and become an executive chef eventually. Though the sous chef still answers to the head chef, he/she is already given a high level of responsibility and trust. This position is also a great opportunity to learn all the skills that a head chef should have.

Training Requirements for Executive Chef

The chef training involves multiple aspects. The reason why it takes years to become a head chef is because it requires a whole lot of understanding and skills.

When preparing to become a head chef, it is important to be fully-knowledgeable about food preparation, menus and recipes, cooking techniques and other aspects which are necessary in creating the best dishes.

Aside from the creative side, it is also important to have strong decision-making skills. Being a head chef is not all about cooking but also involves managerial skills. A head chef should make wise decisions about simple matters, like the amount of cilantro to put in the dish up, to more complex ones, like whether or not to promote a chef assistant.

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